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Hokkaido Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

Our monozukuri craftsmanship using rubber creates products that provide continuous convenience to our customers

Hokkaido Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. was founded for the purpose of supplying conveyor belts to coal mines in Hokkaido. Using technology that was cultivated for these harsh conditions, we manufacture various products and provide them to customers in a wide range of fields.

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Sales Pitch

Three reasons why the Hokkaido Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. delights our customers
1. Our abundant product lineup helps to fulfill our customers' wishes.
[Craftsmanship that can make our customers believe “this is exactly what I wanted.”]
Hokkaido Rubber Industry offers the widest range of products among the industrial rubber product makers in Hokkaido. We are striving to offer convenience to our customers. Our focus is to develop or produce products with functional benefits.
We are capable of providing valuable products that add usability and durability to the basic properties because our craftsmanship is based on an integrated production system that includes development, manufacturing, inspection, and shipping. We offer appealing products through our reliable skills and expertise acquired through many years of experience.
2. We are one of the largest facilities in Hokkaido, which enables us to meet your requests for everything from design and manufacturing to research and development.
[We accommodate diverse needs with our reliable technology and one of the largest facilities in Hokkaido.]
The production facility, which is one of the largest in Hokkaido, enables our diverse product lineup.
Hokkaido Rubber Industry owns a lot of mechanical equipment, including the only belt-production equipment in the north of Tohoku. We offer manufacturing of large products with thickness, length, and durability that only we are capable of. Our production system can accommodate the diverse requirements of our customers such as production of small lots for highly specialized fields and special products, in addition to products with general application. We provide trustworthy products through our advanced technology.
3. With abundant knowledge, development ability, and application ability, we have a production system to meet diverse requirements.
[From the selection and mixing of rubber materials to the production, we offer high-quality products based on our advanced technical and design abilities.]
Hokkaido Rubber Industry never shies away from putting effort into improving our products. We realize the products that our customers request through the knowledge and composition of rubber materials we have acquired through our 60-year history. We pursue high quality with the ability to think about design through consideration of dies and molds as well as rubber composition, and the processing ability to join/laminate different physical properties. We have been delivering products that require advanced technical skills to laminate materials with radically different properties such as hardness and elasticity.
Main products
Snow melting mat “saw heater”
This electric heater mat was produced by wrapping the heating element with unvulcanized rubber forming through the high-pressure press molding. The heating side of this convenient snow-melting heater can easily be warmed up by plugging it to a power source.
It is the standardized consumer version of our snow-melting mat that has been highly praised for its usage in public roads, passage of large facilities, railways, and electric facilities. Our location, which is a snowy region, has enabled us to continuously improve this product for 25 years. It has earned high praise for its ability to melt snow, its durability, and safety. We are also capable of customization to produce special version that rearranged its heating element and internal mechanism to fit your purpose and desired function.
Place this rubber mat at the entrance, passage, and stairs to melt falling snow quickly.
High-pressure press molding of rubber allows it to stay highly waterproof, well-isolated, and durable.
The original rubber material with suitable flexibility and the antislip treatment makes it comfortable and safe to walk on.
Easy to clean with water or neutral detergent (e.g., soapwater).
The entrance/passage type has the same design on both sides. Therefore, both sides can be used depending on the location of the power source.
Select between the “right” or “left” version of the cord outlet for the type of stairs depending on the location of the power source.
Compatible with Act on Product Safety of Electrical Appliances and Materials (PSE certified)
Certified by the Japan Disaster Prevention Association.
The filament-heating element that combines metallic and synthetic fibers does not break easily, and it can be rolled up for storage.
We develop unique floor materials based on our technology and expertise of conveyer-belt production. We offer unique services and products, such as manufacturing of long goods and utilization of belt core for measurement stabilization, in addition to processing of rubber material. We support the foundation of many fields, including the industries Hokkaido is known for such as dairy farming, thoroughbred breeding, and fishery.
Maintenance/rubber lining
At Hokkaido Rubber Industry, we offer maintenance work such as inspection of age degradation of rubber parts, their repair and replacement, and consultation on rubber linings. Rubber lining is an application of the thermal vulcanized adhesion technology and rubber-mixing technology for performing adhesive lamination of rubber on containers, steel plates, pulleys, and rollers to add corrosion resistance and wear resistance to the interiors/exteriors made of steel plates.
We provide materials that are suitable for each situation, including soft isobutylene-isoprene rubber (IIR) and hard natural rubber (HNR). The material technology and adhesion process technology we have developed over the years are applied to our linings. We will continue to improve/transfer these skills to ensure future business with our customers.
For industrial use
We also produce belts and liners for various industrial purposes and anticorrosion/antifriction rubber lining.
Die molding
The so-called unvulcanized rubber begins having properties similar to liquid at around 100℃. Thus, similar to resins, it can be used for craftsmanship in many fields.
As shown in the list of factory machines of our company, we have hand presses whose heating platen is 350 × 400 to large press machines with 1800 × 4000 heating platen. Thus, we can produce both small and large size products, from one piece to large quantities, by preparing dies and molds, and we are capable of providing diverse products. Aside from our own products, we can jointly produce dies and molds by contributing to our design/material property technology. Our principle is to produce differentiated goods.

Sliding liners
We produce/sell (outsourced production) sheets that are attachable by glue with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a material that makes it difficult for snow, gravel, and salt to stick, laminated with rubber. In areas with heavy snowfall, it is common for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is not laminated with rubber to be directly attached to snow-plow trucks with screws. There have been complaints that it can crack when it is hit by an object.
Using our rubber-lining technology, we can reduce this problem by combining it with rubbers that can absorb shock. Moreover, though the color of rubber is commonly black, we can accommodate special orders for white rubber, which is popular at food-related plants for instance.

Ceramic liner
By sandwiching a rubber material between steel plates and ceramics and conducting heat vulcanized adhesion, production of ceramic liners with steel plates that have superior shock and wear resistance has become possible. This is used as a liner material for more harsh environments.
Moreover, it can also be used in a state wherein only the ceramic and the rubber are vulcanized-adhered. Thus, if the base material of an object can be glued to the rubber, ceramics can be attached to previously unthinkable products, expanding its application.

Rubber liner
Rubber liner can be used to line the inside of mixers, hoppers, and chutes that are used at various production sites such as ready-mixed concrete factories, quarries, mines, ironworks, paper factories, and coal fired power plants. The rubber material is used for soundproofing and antirust and anticorrosion measures.
Owing to its high antiwear property, it is also used for shore protection at rivers and ports and the protection of the sections of dams that are hit by gravel and stones during discharge.

When the coal industry was active in Hokkaido, we produced many conveyer belts used inside mines. Canvas is indispensable for conveyer belt production. However, our specialization is in lamination of different materials such as canvas and rubber. Moreover, we have accumulated various technology through working on maintenance-related requirements such as endless processing.
This processing technology is used in conveyer belts used today, for instance, in ironworks and coal-fired power stations. Moreover, we offer carrying belts with original functions for agricultural machines.

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