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We create the future of customers in the ICT industry that is developing and growing at a rapid rate. 
With regard to introduction of and transition to Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, we provide customers with optimal solutions for solving issues and innovating work styles, utilizing the extensive knowhow we have acquired in a wide range of fields.

We introduce the cloud services of Microsoft according to operating requirements of users. 
We provide support for improving operating efficiency and innovating work styles with secure cloud services.

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Support for introducing Office 365
Do you have any vague issues regarding cloud services such as a lack of knowledge about the services, concerns about the services, and insufficient company structure for the services? 
As a Microsoft Authorized Partner, we provide total support including consulting services for introducing Office 365, introduction plans, and support for introduction and operations.
Schedule sharing:
You can manage and share schedules by using Outlook and Exchange Online. You can check and edit the schedule on your smartphone while you are out, as well as on your personal computer in your office. 

Communication in your office:
By using Skype and Teams, you can share internal messages, information about work, reference materials, and the like, and hold videoconferences with sales representatives who are out. 

Sharing an internal portal site and files:
By using SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, you can create an internal portal for sharing information and edit and manage files with other members. 

Latest Office Version:
You can use the latest Office applications at all times. Regarding Office applications, a user can install each of them on up to five computers. Therefore, you can perform tasks in different environments including your personal computers in your office and your computer terminals used while you are out.
Support for introducing Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 is a cloud service that is a platform for business applications of Microsoft. 
You can establish a system for various operation processes on Dynamics 365.
Dealing with inquiries:
You can manage a set of processes including inquiries, quotations, trial manufacturing, and whether an order has been placed or not, using Dynamics 365. 

Sales representatives input information about an inquiry to request the departments of development, production, and quality assurance to prepare a quotation. Drawings and other documents are stored in SharePoint of Office 365 to be shared among the departments. Approval flows for the departments are managed by a function of operating process flow of Dynamics 365. By coordinating them with Office 365, an e-mail requesting approval is sent to relevant departments. 

If the quotation is approved by the customer, the sales representative requests the departments of development, production, and quality assurance to perform trial manufacturing. 

The sample is delivered to the customer, whether an order is placed or not is determined based on evaluation by the customer, and the processes for the inquiry are completed. 

The status of business meetings with customers is managed by the daily sales report. Sales representatives enter customer names, titles of projects, and dates and times of visits, and prepare reports. 

Business management is linked to the daily sales report. Therefore, you can check the status of progress of a business by using the name of the customer as a key, or check the status of business meetings by using the name of the project.
Customer support:
By introducing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, you can improve efficiency of customer support operations and customer satisfaction. 

Integrating contacts for inquiries:
You can integrate information about your contacts for telephone calls, e-mails, websites, and the like. 

Standardizing quality of support:
You can standardize the quality of support services in terms of rules for dealing with inquiries, alert notices for tasks yet to be done, referencing to the history of tasks, and others, without relying on the skill of individual staff members. 

Utilizing the history of inquiries:
You can search and check the history of inquiries at all times. In addition, you can publish some information regarding frequently asked questions as an FAQ post for customers. 

Providing dedicated support pages:
You can create a dedicated web page for supporting individual customers. On the web page for supporting customers, you can receive inquiries from customers, and check the history of inquiries made by yourself as well as FAQ and other information. 

Field services:
By introducing Dynamics 365 for Field Service, you can improve efficiency of operations of field service engineers and optimize services for customers. 

Supporting overall maintenance operations:
You can manage overall field service operations including receipt of orders for maintenance, registration of customers, schedule management, assignment of engineers, implementation of operations, reports on operations, and the like. 

Optimizing assignment of engineers:
An administrator can optimize assignment of engineers by matching a location and details of operations of maintenance with the schedule and skill of engineers.

Labor savings in terms of field operations:
Field engineers can check information about schedules, maps, instructions on operations, and the like, using a mobile terminal wherever they are, which leads to improvement of efficiency and labor savings with regard to the operations. 

Maintaining the stability of quality of services:
You can provide high-quality and stable services because you can dispatch engineers with experience and expertise, and the engineers can check information about details of maintenance and its methods at the site.


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