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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:44

Apollon Denshi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

We put quality first and continuously provide clients with high-quality products to contribute to society.

We assemble dispenser pumps that are necessary to cosmetics as well as hair care products, which we see in our daily lives, and to medical supplies such as nose drops for pollen allergy, mouthwash, and insect repellent spray. We carry out processes for producing the pumps, ranging from monitoring various processes (including suction inspection and leakage inspection) to appearance inspection, in a clean room in an integrated fashion.

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Assembling dispenser pumps for more than 30 years
Based on the production experience and know-how that we have accumulated, we are good at producing dispenser pumps in small lots, the production efficiency of which is not good, by changing arrangements for automated machines. Also, we are good at assembling the dispenser pumps the appearance of which is decorated and which are arranged on trays. By flexibly changing the combination of production lines on a daily basis, we meet various needs of clients.
We sincerely produce high-quality products which can only be made by hand.
We are also good at carrying out processes such as delicate pre‐stage machining of rubber valves, which utilize the manual dexterity of female workers, and the visual inspection of mist shapes, which are difficult to measure for machines. Furthermore, unlike automated machines in which arrangements can hardly be changed, production in production lines in which workers work by hand can flexibly respond to high-mix low-volume production.
Furthermore, the production in production lines in which workers work by hand enables malfunction between processes to be identified speedily, possibly preventing inefficient rework or the like beforehand.
We are good at visual inspection by human eyes.
Since each product type of dispenser pumps has its own size and a complicated shape, visually inspecting them with image sensors is insufficient. Their multiple parts need to be visually inspected from all directions. Furthermore, compared with dispenser pumps for other general products, those for medical supplies are required to have extremely high levels of quality and need to be examined with magnifiers. We have many skillful inspectors, allowing for the visual inspection of products produced in various scales ranging from high-mix low-volume production to mass-production.

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