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Terada Mold Tecno Engnieer

We are a partner to suppliers of factory automation machines and mold designers

We have a quarter-century of knowledge and experience in design consulting, design, and manufacturing.

- Design and manufacturing of resin molds
- Design, manufacturing, and assembly of equipment and inspection machinery
- Development and design of products, manufacturing and correction of 3D models
- Development, design, and manufacturing of jigs and tools

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We are a partner to suppliers of factory automation equipment and mold designers
We design and manufacture resin molds, and manufacture and correct 3D models
- The workmanship of products (molded products) depends on meetings and what the designer prefers (mold structure).
- Basic structure and speediness with versatility
- Originality with unique ideas and mechanical development
- Quality improvement by production improvement and proposals for shape changes
- Stability with fluidity analysis and product visualization

- In the process of manufacturing and correcting 3D models we consider the characteristics of molded plastics, study the design to perform strength calculations, analyze fluidity, and design mass-produced shapes. This is how we make proposals for shape and material changes and produce data for 3D models. We manufacture prototype parts and make use of a 3D printer to give shape to prototype models. This smooths all processes from development to mass production.
Factory automation equipment, machinery and equipment, and inspection machinery design, manufacturing, and assembly 
- Arrangement of schematic actions (time charts and action processes)
- Detailed design of mechanisms (addressing designs in ways that satisfy QCD)
- Design of covers and power units (flow of AC and DC lines depending on the control specifications and mechanism layout)
- Machining and processing of parts
- Assembly adjustment
Jig and tool development, design, and manufacturing
- Development of jigs and tools with emphasis on ease of operation 
We place greater emphasis on operating environments and operator operations than corrective actions and meetings on proposals for defectives. We engage in development to reduce and simplify processes by rationalizing work with emphasis on the fit of the size.

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