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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:32

Hokushin Engineer Co., Ltd.

We have a track record of having cut our mass-production cost by 55% in machining and have technological resources and know-how for cost-cutting. Our peer companies in the industry rely on us when they are in trouble, saying "Hokushin Engineers save us when in trouble."

We have an integrated production system for prototyping in small quantities and for production of single items to multiple varieties and mass-production. We are good at the post-machining of processed plastic products by such processes as aluminum diecasting, sintering, forging, and casting. Since machined plastic products vary greatly in material shapes, we consider and manufacture chucks, chucking methods, and jigs within the company. We have also automated our detachment and reattachment processes with the help of robots, automated our inspection, and modified our equipment. We contribute know-how and technological resources for efficiency enhancement and labor saving.

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We have achieved cutting our costs by 55% in mass-production through plastic processing such as aluminum diecasting, sintering, forging, and casting.
Processed plastic products vary greatly in material shape, unlike in the grinding of round bars, angular materials, and plates. Suppliers therefore have to consider their own chucking methods by themselves. 

Outsourcing any such chuck or jig would naturally result in an increase in cost. We, however, come up with ideas on our own and manufacture our products by ourselves.
We automate our detachment and reattachment processes with the help of robots and modify our equipment, thereby increasing efficiency and saving labor thoroughly.
Cost cuts possible only with our integrated production -- from prototyping to mass-production
We have established a production system that enjoys customer confidence when it comes to repeated mass-production.
1) No need to select different suppliers for prototyping and mass-production.
2) For products that are certain to enter the mass-production line, reduction of total costs is possible, including prototyping expenses.
3) If a processed plastic product is to be used, we can undertake the whole process starting with its prototyping to propose a material shape (a processed plastic product) with which to reduce the unit price for processing at the time of mass-production.
4) By designing and manufacturing jigs in such a manner as to take advantage of the know-how from the prototyping, we can ensure a vertical startup (the maximum production from the start).
5) When you develop a subsequent model, we can help you develop a prototype that takes advantage of the know-how that you obtained from the mass-production of the current model.
Know-how and technology for shortening preparation time for small-quantity prototyping, single-item production, and multi-variety production
We have a mass-production system. With it, we can make proposals for mass-production as early as during the prototyping stage.
Our design and manufacture of jigs in prototyping shortens the period for startup in mass-production.

We use 3D CAD and CAM in shortening preparation time. We respond with know-how and technology with which to maintain machine availability.
At times of model change, we can develop prototypes by taking advantage of the know-how in mass-production of the current model, thereby effectively cutting total cost.

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