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We manufacture plant piping joints which support the best production efficiency.

We are a manufacturer which designs and manufactures joints and other products made of steel. By utilizing our cutting-edge technology and experience, we are able to bend all types of metals. We are also able to bend short-length large-diameter or thick-walled pipes. We manufacture not only standard products, but also products with original specifications.

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Plant piping (butt welding joints/wrap joints)
In order to achieve the best production efficiency, power, raw materials, and other requirements are systematically as well as rationally combined with each other. Our innovative abilities and reliable technology are highly evaluated and trusted in large-scale plants such as oil and petroleum plants. An integrated production system in our company allows for small-lot production and short delivery periods. We have a backup system for correctly grasping needs.  
Needless to say, we provide standard products. Furthermore, we meet various requests such as original sizes and special grooves. 
-Imported joints
Reasonably priced imported joints can be discussed.
-Development of P.B. (privately-branded) joint products
JIS-compliant products
Free bend R-bending
We bend pipes, ranging from steel to HDPE ones, to a radius desired by clients.
-Plant pipes
-Architectural ornaments such as those for domes
-Bridge deflection pipes and drainage pipes
-Pipes buried underground, and so on
Bridge parts
We can produce various types of drainage pipes, which will be used for steel bridges and PCs, from various steel and resin materials. 
Deflected pipes for outside cables
In recent years, the structure of highways has been changed from the inner cable structure to the outer cable structure so as to extend their service life and reduce cost. However, when the durability of the cables is seriously considered, the problem is that the polyethylene of the cables is easily damaged due to bumps inside the pipes which contain the cables and which are welded to connect with each other. Accordingly. we succeeded in developing a technology for producing seamless pipes without bumps. They became a hot seller because they could solve all problems.

Smooth deflection pipes
Thanks to our unique technology, they are not welded, and the processes of bending and expanding the pipes are integrated with each other. The pipes help to greatly shorten pipe installation processes.

Diavolo pipes
They can be horizontally or vertically divided to greatly reduce the time required for installing them. Please consider using them for shortening the construction period. We can produce the pipes from “copper or polyethylene.” The pipes can be grouped to "form a unit." We are able to produce the pipes "regardless of size."
Prefabricated pipes
We can process pipes with an automatic welding machine in our factory and provide construction drawings that match construction sites.
Furthermore, since we exclusively perform post-plating which prevents the corrosion of welded parts, high durability and speedy construction are enabled.
1. They are easily assembled, greatly reducing construction periods.
Pipe materials are grouped as a unit according to piping drawings and then delivered to construction sites. Therefore, they can easily be installed at each construction site, greatly improving the efficiency of pipe connection work. These result in a drastic reduction of the construction period. 
2. Safe, highly accurate, and high-quality pipe connection work can be done. 
Since the pipes are manufactured in our factory, safe, highly accurate, and high-quality pipe connection work can be done.
3. There is no difficulty in connecting pipes in narrow spaces or at high elevations.
4. They can save labor in managing construction sites, possibly simplifying the management.
We can deliver units of prefabricated pipes to your construction site in accordance with the construction processes, which saves labor at the site and facilitates the management of the site.
5. Environmentally friendly!
Since we form units of prefabricated pipes in our factory, clients can reduce waste such as residues of pipe materials. Therefore, the pipes are highly eco-friendly.
Special processed steel pipes
Illumination poles
We can round the edges of the pipes or produce end caps for them to save labor for processing street lights. We can also bend street lights for decoration purposes.

Special processed pipes
Steel pipes are variously processed by using joint production equipment. Please feel free to contact us.
Concrete pumping pipes
Tapered pipes
Tapered pipes, which are used for purposes such as concrete pumping trucks and TCM pipes, have high durability thanks to T.P.T.'s original processing method.

Bending pipes/joints
Bending pipes and joints manufactured by T.P.T. cover various sizes and adjust to various situations thanks to our superior technology.

Barb fittings/rings/flanges
T.P.T. offers a wide selection of accessories for each type of temporary pipe. They are delivered with rapidity.

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