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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:28


Our company won the electrical construction and energy saving award "Eco Sylphy".	

Our main business is electrical equipment construction for buildings, traffic signals, and road lighting, including the maintenance of electricity and communication-related facilities on national roads. We also are engaged in Eco-Silphy business to improve the thermal environment and save energy during cooling and heat8ng. Our company won the Energy Conservation Grand Prize for this business,, We make energy-saving proposals from free energy-saving diagnosis in the field of equipment and air-conditioning equipment. We are also developing other services, such as the enhancement of customer after-sales system, and proposals for design lighting.	

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Electrical construction business
[New construction & renovation work, electrical equipment design and construction]
We undertake responsibility for a wide range from design to on-site construction management. We propose the most suitable from among various construction methods.

[Solar power generation equipment]
We mainly install solar panels on the rooftops of government facilities. Utilizing this know-how, we are constructing a wide range of houses, offices and stores, and are actively contributing to global environmental protection.

[Road telecommunications facility maintenance and repair work]
We have been maintaining national roads for many years. We maintain an environment that allows vehicles and pedestrians to pass safely, such as with road lighting. With this technology, we can install and maintain your parking lights and security lights.

[Traffic signal]
We are installing and renovating traffic lights by constructing and expanding roads.

We will quickly respond to familiar problems, such as lighting failures, breakdowns, and leakage surveys for lighting equipment. Please feel free to contact us.
This product eliminates "indoor temperature unevenness" caused by indoor structure and installation location. In addition, we are reducing temperature settings to produce an "energy saving" effect.

The following benefits can be obtained by introducing "Eco Sylphy".
・ A comfortable environment can be created by eliminating temperature unevenness
20-30% energy saving effect
・ Even if the air conditioner capacity is reduced by 20%, the cooling and heating effect is the same (depending on the application, please consult)
・ Prevents condensation and mold
・ Improve exhaust efficiency
・ Cooling and heating, interim period, all year
・ Air curtain effect
・ Drowsiness during meetings
・ Refreshing environment without air stagnant

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