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Latest update: 19/08/2022 12:54:47

Piezo Studio Inc.

Power-saving timing device for SDGS, Beyond 5G

Piezo Studio is proposing a new power-saving timing device especially for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). In the oscillator circuit for the reference signal generation, it can start up an order of magnitude faster than conventional crystal devices.

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Open innovation efforts in collaboration with Tohoku University

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Smartphones are equipped with electronic parts called timing devices, such as around five vibrators and oscillators, and they are always used in mobile IoT devices such as cordless earphones in recent years. The power saving of these IoT devices has become the most important issue, and great expectations are placed on the power saving of timing devices in particular.
In addition to a newly developed ultra-power-saving, high-performance integrated circuit (IC) for generating a reference clock, Piezo Studio employs a piezoelectric single crystal (CTGS) oscillator made of a new material. We have succeeded in developing an ultra-low power consumption oscillation circuit that consumes about 1/10th the power consumption.
Until now, the oscillator circuits used in all electronic devices have used CMOS inverter-type oscillator circuits. This oscillator circuit has the technical issues of high power consumption and slow oscillation start-up time because of constant current flow. In collaboration with the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, we have devised a new complementary Colpitts type oscillator circuit to achieve low power consumption and low phase noise, which is an important performance for communication oscillator circuits. We have developed an epoch-making oscillation circuit IC whose characteristics are improved by 10dB compared to the conventional inverter type.
When this oscillator circuit IC is used for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which is one of IoT communication, the oscillation start-up time can be reduced to about 1/10 of the conventional time, reducing unnecessary power consumption at the time of oscillation start-up, and maintaining stable operation. By also reducing the state oscillation power, the power consumption of the entire oscillation circuit can be reduced to approximately one-tenth at maximum compared to conventional inverter-type oscillation circuits.
By applying the newly developed technology, depending on the IoT device, it is possible to extend the usable time of the battery after battery replacement or charging by up to 5 times compared to the conventional crystal oscillator circuit. This technology makes it possible to greatly reduce the troublesome frequency of battery replacement and recharging in mobile IoT devices such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which is becoming increasingly popular. technology is expected.
We are currently designing an IC for the new oscillator circuit product, and will develop a low power consumption oscillator for BLE combined with a CTGS oscillator. We would like to propose a collaboration with your company on piezoelectric materials, timing device development, and oscillator circuit IC development. I would appreciate it if you could consider it.
In addition, this low-power consumption (power-saving) oscillator circuit technology can be applied and applied to all oscillator circuits in general chipsets/ICs in addition to communication applications, so versatility is extremely high. . We also propose technology licensing and licensing business.

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