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Our company plans and sells the Japanese lacquer used for the architectural coating of Kinkakuji Temple and Nikko Toshogu Shrine as well as lacquerware. Our business includes customized lacquer coating, automobile exteriors and interiors, and interiors of luxury trains. Lacquer is a symbol of Japanese culture. We will pass down and develop lacquer as a new typical Japanese industry by applying it to various fields.

Our company is the only lacquer specialist in Japan using only Japanese lacquer. Iwate Prefecture is a large lacquer-producing area, and produces about 70% of Japanese urushi lacquer. We make use of this this strength for lacquerware as well as to coat various items with high-quality lacquer to spread the charms of urushi lacquer in Japan and abroad. We won the Good Design Award in 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2020. Our company received Takumi (craftsman) certification in the Lexus New Takumi Project.

I do not consider breakage to be a negative thing.
I firmly believe that all things that have form are destined to break someday. Moreover, a breakage creat the possibility of reconstructing the future. Like the tea masters of the Muromachi period, gazing with joy at a once-broken tea bowl repaired with urushi and gold, the kintsugi view encourages us to interpret the "breakages" in our life as new starting points, to see damege, disappointment, and failure as profound natural phenomena worthy of appreciation.
Kintsugi culture is attracting attention worldwide. In this age of mass production and mass consumption, the importance of cherishing things and the spirituality of Kintsugi provide excellnet models in emotional education at schools and as analogies for international conflict resolution.

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Coating by traditional craftsmanship using high-quality local urushi lacquer satisfies customer requests with a special, classy appearance
Our company can coat various items with urushi lacquer. We can coat wooden items, and also metal and resin articles. We use craftsmanship rather than mass-production machines. We guarantee finishing that satisfies customers by bringing out the best from local materials in Japan.
We take on orders for customized coatings using Japanese urushi lacquer. We also repair urushi coatings.
We provide finishing coating for automobile and train interiors with special-looking urushi lacquer coating.



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Supporting organizations: Iwate Industrial Research Institute (Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Tohoku)

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公益財団法人 いわて産業振興センター