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Sulfur Chemical Laboratory Inc.

We sell molecular junction agents, develop methods and applications for manufacturing molecular junction agents, and provide training, instruction and education on projects for their development

We are a venture business originating at Iwate University. We are committed to advancing universal bonding technology. We also develop low-carbon resin (cerapolymix), which is necessary for building an energy-saving low-carbon society, incorporate artificial intelligence in analytic technology, and develop and sell heat measuring equipment.

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Molecular junction technology based on chemical bonding
Business areas
At the time of our foundation, we focused on R&D in sulfur compounds and commercialization of the findings. Now we have established a world-leading concept of molecular junction technology, invented and commercialized a means of demonstrating it, and commercialized a technology for manufacturing IC tags and plated wiring for PI.

We followed this by commercializing technologies for manufacturing 4G-compliant circuit boards, semiconductor processing technology, semiconductor device components, automotive parts, and other products.

Recently we have been focusing on other areas. We have been committed to developing and selling heat measuring equipment, developing low-carbon materials (cerapolymix), which is necessary in building an energy-saving low-carbon society, and incorporating artificial intelligence in analytic technology, which is indispensable in processing and assembling materials, parts, and products. 

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