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Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company offers a wide range of surface treatment processing. This includes electroless nickel plating, nickel-Teflon plating, nickel-boron plating, gold plating, tin plating, black nickel plating, chemical polishing, resin plating, and magnesium alloy plating. We can handle iron, copper, aluminum, stainless, magnesium alloy, Permendur, sintered materials, Kovar, Invar, Inconel, tungsten, and many other materials. We take on high-mix low-volume orders to satisfy increasingly diverse customer needs, and we aim to create a rapid delivery system. We can handle difficult-to-plate materials (such as magnesium, titanium, aluminum, Invar, and stainless steel). We can also provide high-quality plating through original pre-treatment technology, even for products that cause problems for the competition. These are our company’s strengths. We have introduced sophisticated devices for analysis, and conduct thorough inspection to maintain high quality. 

Metal product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
In 2008 our company started mass production of plating on magnesium alloy adopted for machine parts. In 2017 our products successfully passed endurance and corrosion tests with the severe quality standards for auto parts, and we started world-first mass production for automobile interior parts (appearance parts). 

[Representative's message]
Our company will conduct sales activities centering on the president and managers in order to satisfy increasingly diverse needs. We will make use of the characteristics of our original delivery system for high-mix low-volume orders and quick deliveries. We will also set up a project team to renovate our website, expand its content, and dispatch information. Participating in events such as exhibitions is another opportunity we plan to pursue, with the aim of cultivating markets for the technologies we have developed. We believe that J-GoodTech is highly reliable and more user-friendly than any other matching sites. We are grateful to have such an opportunity in terms of promotion and sales development. We have a limited ability to cultivate markets on our own. Even world-first technology would be meaningless if it was not used. We will make use of J-GoodTech to promote our technologies in various fields so it will be used to enhance the competitiveness of Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toyota Motor East Japan: development of hexavalent chromium-free resin-plated parts); Maxell Holdings: development of partially plated parts (maskless section) using Pd nano-dispersion molding (Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program), and development of MID plating technology; Kojima Industries: development of plated decorative parts, using magnesium alloy. 

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