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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:37

Syntec Co., Ltd.

The development and manufacture of medical equipment parts and industrial equipment parts based on surface treatment technology for precious metals and twisted wire processing technology

We manufacture wires and other precision processed products that are used in medical equipment and infusible electrode plates for industrial equipment, among other products. Using our proprietary technologies (surface treatment technology for precious metals, processing technology for twisted wires), we also promote cooperation between industrial, academic and public circles in the development of medical equipment and devices, metal products and electronic equipment, improve the functionality of these types of equipment and devices, and commercializing them.

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Business field
Manufacturing technology
Processing technology for metal wire and twisted wires
Fine wires of 0.03–0.08 mm in diameter, twisted wires of 2.0 mm in diameter
Main manufacturing products ➡ [orthodontic wires, artificial tendon, bone binding wires, fixation cables for use inside the body] 

Precious metal surface treatment technology
Surface treatment for metal (wires) and the like (gold, rhodium, diamond, plating)
Ion plating capsular formation (TiN, TiO2, and ZrO2)
Main manufacturing products ➡ [orthodontic wires, Diamond eutectic plating wires] 

Metal surface pickling technology
Surface treatment technology (special cleaning fluid) prevents corrosion and discoloration caused by acid, in NiTi alloy, and maintains its resilience and strength, 
 in addition to being used for aesthetic rendering purposes
Main manufacturing products ➡ [medical wires, orthodontic wires] 

Manufacturing technology for infusible electrode plates
Manufacturing technology for electrode plates to control the wear of brighteners in the plating solution.
Main manufacturing products ➡ [electrode plates] 

Grooving technology applied to special steel materials and the like
U-shape grooving technology applied to special steel materials [thin plates] 
Main manufacturing products ➡ [stainless steel materials t: U shape grooving of 0.2 mm applied to a workpiece of 0.25 mm]
R&D business
With our product development in niche fields, which utilizes our proprietary technology, 
we conduct research and development to meet various requests from our clients.

1) Development of special twisted wires with resilience and elasticity (extra-fine wires).
2) Removals of oxidation coating and foreign matter, research and development into the improvement and maintenance of corrosion-resistance and aesthetic properties
3) Development of lighting parts designed to improve reflection efficiency, which use a diffusion liquid that was developed in-house
4) Research and development for high value-added surface treatment technology using plating and vapor deposition treatment technology for NiTi alloys and other metals
5) Research and development of U-shape and V-shape grooving in special metal materials.

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