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Latest update: 06/06/2023 10:57:21

Kanayama Kasei Co., Ltd.

We contribute to creating a productive society by coming up with flexible and innovative ideas and by utilizing our advanced technical strength.

We aim to expand into various fields by using our latest foam resin technology. Our new product "SK-impregnated foam" has been applied to develop a number of functional products having the capabilities to protect against insects, fight bacteria, and resist water. Our products are used in various fields, including building materials, external heat insulation, greening, civil engineering materials, automotive parts, packaging materials, robot trays, and agricultural materials.

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Sales Pitch

Expand the possibility of foam resin with new materials
SK-impregnated foam with added functionality provided by our unique technology
Foam resin products manufactured by using the bead method (Styrofoam, etc.) are characterized by the presence of very small spaces between adjacent beads, which are then impregnated with functional substances to give the foam resin new properties.

 [Added properties]
- Water resistance, watertightness, waterproof properties
- Heat resistance, incombustibility
- Conductivity, design properties
- Antifungal properties, antibacterial properties, anti-termite properties
- Chemical resistance, weather resistance
- High rigidity, flexibility, restorability, energy absorption properties

 [Product lineup]
- Termite barrier foam (product having anti-termite properties)
- Hydroponic panel Ag (product having antibacterial properties)
- Waterproof container (product having waterproof properties)
Robot tray® that enhances productivity
The robot tray® is used for component feeding, which can be pulled out or pushed in by automatic assembly robots used in automated factories. Since its first launch in 1984, the robot tray has undergone improvements based on experience, making it available in different shapes and materials (those with antistatic properties, oil resistance properties, heat resistance properties, etc.) that can meet evolving customer needs. We have achieved low price, high quality, and quick delivery by performing the entire production process ranging from design, mold creation, to tray molding in-house. Made from foam resin, the robot tray can also help protect parts.
Agricultural materials for plant factories
Styrofoam is used in hydroponic panels, hydroponic beds, and soil beds that are used in plant factories. The antibacterial properties given to some of the products by using our patented SK impregnation technology help prevent algae formation and reduce cleaning time, which in turn saves manpower.

[Hydroponic panel SK/SKS]
Our original extruded Styrofoam board was developed by using a process similar to one used for making polystyrene paper (PSP). Available in two types (SK vs. SKS) to serve different purposes

- Prevents algae formation (a black layer that prevents light transmission)
- Does not break or chip easily (the use of hard foam for toughness)
- Easy to clean and hygienic: skin processing on the surface for easy cleaning
- Improved reflectance of LED light: a white surface that reflects even the underside of leaves

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