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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:08

Hinokisoken Co., Ltd.

Wood bath and life, becoming a company that connects nature and life.

We are a general planner of Hinoki cypress bathtubs/bathrooms, and we perform planning/production/sales/installation of wooden baths, with our main focus on Hinoki cypress baths.
We are located in the Kiso region, which has a long history of forestry owing to its deep mountains and valleys.  In particular, Hinoki cypress from Kiso has long been considered to be superior timber, and it was presented to Ise Grand Shrine as holy wood.  With the benefits of this rich nature in mind, we named our company Hinoki Soken Co., Ltd. We produce wooden baths with a particular focus on baths made from Hinoki cypress. 

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Sales Pitch

Product information
General wooden bath
We can satisfy diverse tastes through rich variations including square, round, and oval types. 
We conduct made-to-order production. Thus, we can accommodate sizes and materials that suit your request. 
Hinoki cypress from Kiso/Buddhist pine from Takano/Hiba arborvitae from Aomori
System bus
"We want to enjoy a spa at home everyday," "Hinoki System Bath" is the system bath made by Hinoki Soken Co., Ltd. that was created to satisfy this request. 
With a diverse range of possible variations in our plans to suit installation conditions, authentic luxurious materials and water proofed floors, we offers reliable installation of system baths that are suitable for both new houses and refurbishment. 
We offer custom-made production with free sizes and free plans to meet your requests.  You can select the finishing materials and styles that suit your ideas. 
Nursing bathtub helper assist
"We work toward reducing the burden on both the caregiver and care receiver."
• We would like care receivers to take baths in wooden bathtubs made of natural materials by themselves as much as they can. 
• We want to help the caregivers (helpers) with their physical burden.
Our development is led by these wishes. We utilizes the "easy workability" of wood to propose support for bathtubs for care situations and helper assistance that suits the requirements of each situation. 
Bathroom equipment and accessories
 A hot spring bath starts from here. Staging of bathroom space/making it a highlight.
 We offer carefully selected and reliable materials.  We can offer custom-made products according to the size/shape you need. 
 Standard: Supreme wooden grain finish and natural wood

[Bucket/ stool/duckboard/lid]
 These are items that set the scene and ensure greater enjoyment through wooden baths. 
 Bath stool (Hinoki cypress from Kiso or Buddhist pine)/soap box with handle (Hinoki cypress )/bath bucket (Hinoki cypress from Kiso or Buddhist pine) Bath bucket with handle (Hinoki cypress from Kiso or Buddhist pine)
 /duckboard (Hinoki cypress) *We can accommodate custom-made sizes/bathtub lid and solid lid (various materials) *We can accommodate custom-made sizes

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Chubu Head Office, SMRJ