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Prototyping of automobiles, industrial vehicles, ships, and other transportation machinery, and mass-production product manufacturing

We are equipped with an integrated production system, and we aim to become a prototyper capable of meeting all development needs from the automobile industry. The most important reason for focusing on in-house production is to guarantee high quality. We meticulously support your development needs by being fully responsible for the Monozukuri craftsmanship of each and every product. This is how we provide highly completed products. We also greatly contribute to intensifying cost competition and production speed. We speedily satisfy increasingly advanced and diverse needs as a development partner for our customers.

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Business areas
Aluminum prototypes
We focus on advance development and prototyping for performance assessment in prototyping Advanced Stage (AS) and Final Stage (FS) models, as well as producing small-quantity items. We also satisfy needs for complex shapes by making use of our leading expertise in sand gravity casting, and more than 45 years of experience in aluminum prototyping. We achieve excellent precision with the technical know-how we have been cultivating for many years.
Mold prototyping
We handle all processes in-house from mold-making with solid data to pressing and laser processing. We can finish products as prototype parts all at once from the stage of raw data to delivery, which greatly shortens lead times. We can also promptly deal with design changes and corrections to deliver high-quality products at overwhelming speeds.
Floor carpet molds
We equip the mold with a controller, which provides high added value that goes one step ahead. We deeply pursue how to effectively design jig parts in a compact manner according to your requirements. We make use of our accumulated design know-how and high technical potential to propose optimal systems where the mold is equipped with a jig.
Mass-produced items
We satisfy mass-production needs from single units with our reliable quality built-in by making use of our prototyping know-how. We manufacture parts with excellent quality and cost competitiveness with special-purpose machinery suitable for specific products. We have the kind of flexible mass-production system that is only possible for a prototype manufacturer, capable of all handling all processes from plan design to quality assurance, and beginning with making raw molds.
Material investigation and quality assurance
We have introduced high-level inspection and measuring equipment combining high productivity with excellent quality. We ensure thorough quality control as part of our production process, and also conduct quality inspections for customers on request. This helps raise the quality of your products and improve your expertise.
We have introduced the S-Max large sand-cast lamination modeler
Model dimensions: 1.8 m × 1.0 m × 0.7 m
Sand type: Artificial sand
Binder: Furan-based
You can specify in your order that you only want cast steel with a high casting temperature that takes advantage of the high fire resistance of artificial sand (sand casts are supplied).

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