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Integrated system from production of foundry raw materials to procurement, processing, and assembly.

We handle everything from production of foundry materials, procurement, and processing to assembly, are capable of flexibly supporting various productions including high-mix low volume production, and can also procure from China and South Korea. In addition, we aim to be a company that performs VA and VE investigations from the design and development stages and offers total cost presentation.

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Supply of castings that make full use of all casting methods
With the focus on construction machinery, we handle parts for automobiles and general industrial machines and provide a broad range of support from foundry production in-house to overseas procurement.
In addition, we accommodate various needs, including support for high-mix low-volume production of both small and large items.
Automatic molding using sand 
Hand molding (furan, sand molding) 
Lost-form casting (*) 
Lost wax casting (*) 
3D print mold casting (*) 
*Overseas procurement only
Casting process simulation
We utilize the cutting-edge science, as well as our 50-year of achievements and experience, to reduce time and cost for product launches, and realize optimal planning and design.
Efficient planning, design and improved yields through simulation analysis and 3D CAD
Overseas network
Stable pricing and a wide range of options
With our international network, we can support the needs of our customers.
If we can keeps costs down and to obtain products without quality issues through overseas procurement, we propose overseas procurement.
We have been establishing bases in Asia since 1995, with business partnerships in China (Shenyang, Qingdao and Dalian) and South Korea (Busan) and have been pleasing our customers with even higher quality and lower priced products.
As we procure overseas from specialist casting manufacturers, we are thoroughly focused on quality.
In addition, our own factories provide a perfect backup system.
Product management
Akioka performs production based on thorough quality management. We require subcontractors to have a similar quality assurance system as that of our company in place and actively provide quality guidance.
In addition, we strive to provide fast aftersales support to ensure customers’ peace of mind and satisfaction.



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