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Company with a consistent system for performing processes ranging from design to assembly that are related to precision machining or parts processing

As for precision machining or parts processing, we have a system for simultaneously receiving orders for designing, heat treatment, welding, can making, surface treatment, assembly, etc. to produce required products in an integrated fashion. Furthermore, we are good at producing abrasion- and corrosion-resistant parts made of "HARDOX", the world's No. 1 abrasion-resistant steel plate, Stellite®, an all-round abrasion-resistant alloy, and other metals.

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Description of business
Precision machining
We are able to perform high-precision machining by utilizing cutting-edge machine tools, such as lathes and machining centers, and processing techniques performed by skilled workers. Please entrust us with processing even one difficult-to-process product. Our main products include shaft sleeves (ceramic deposition), bevel gears, pinion shafts, mechanical seal parts (dual axis), and bearing covers.  
Machining of complicated shapes
We perform machining of complicated shapes by utilizing 3D CAD. We are able to process materials to produce screw-shaped parts. Our main products include shape modeling by 3D CAD, tips of worm screws (Stellite® edges), Co-Kneader screws, and element screws.
Repair and maintenance
We repair and perform maintenance on machined parts including spherical bearings, rollers (replacing MC nylon), gear pump shafts, and V pulleys + pinion shafts.
Designing and producing equipment
We perform processes ranging from planning to design and production. We are able to produce a wide variety of equipment including belt conveyors, hoppers, silos, chutes, screw conveyors, table feeders, vibrating screens, and rotary valves. Please let us know the required performance and functions, and we will select and design the optimum equipment.
Features of our company
Machinery and equipment
-CNC lathe: NLX3000Y/1250 by DMG MORI Co., Ltd. 
-CNC lathe: NLX2500Y/1250 by DMG MORI Co., Ltd. 
-CNC lathe: NL2500/1250 by DMG MORI Co., Ltd.
and other lathes 
<Grinding machine>
-CNC cylindrical grinding machine: GPH-40B-150 by SHIGIYA MACHINERY WORKS Ltd.
<Machining centers and milling cutters>  
-Five-axis combined machine: VARIAXIS J-600 by Yamazaki Mazak Corporation 
-Five-axis combined machine: VARIAXIS J-500 by Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
-Machining center: VCN-530C by Yamazaki Mazak Corporation 
and other pieces of equipment
-Plasma powder cladding device: GAP 2501DC
-Welder (TIG/arc): AVP-300 by DAIHEN Corporation 
-Welder: UR350 (semi-automated) by DAIHEN Corporation
and other pieces of equipment
<Other types of equipment>
-Index: AUTODEX by Kitagawa Corporation
-Radial drilling machine: RE-1250A by OHYA SEISAKUJYO 
-Drilling machine: KUD-740 by KIWA SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd. 
and other pieces of equipment 
Metals and materials processed by us
HARDOX improves the performance of equipment such as excavators, front wheel loaders, dump trucks, mining trucks, conveyors, chutes, containers, grinders, crushers, mixers, sieves, screens, crushing and dismantling machines, and barges. It also maximizes their operable time.
The main component of Stellite®, an alloy, is cobalt. Approx. 30% of it is composed of chromium, and 4 to 15% of it is composed of tungsten and other metals. It is very hard, excels in abrasion resistance and antioxidative properties, and has characteristics that rarely change. Therefore, it is an all-round abrasion resistant alloy. Thanks to additives, it has highly excellent heat resistance. It is used for components in the engines of aircraft, vessels, etc.  
Boron, silicon, and other substances are added to a Ni-Cr alloy which excels in corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of COLMONOY® is improved by the dispersion of hard boride and carbide. In particular, COLMONOY® alloys are greatly characterized by the dispersion of chromium boride. Thanks to the dispersion, they have excellent abrasion resistance.   
-Other metals and materials
TERO PLATE, CDP PLATE, Casto Tube, and shaft sleeves

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