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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:27

Harvest Co., Ltd.

We manufacture signboards, signs, and monuments by making full use of sheet metal processing technology.

Our company has a proven track record of manufacturing 200,000 pieces. We are a metalworking manufacturer specializing in manufacturing customized signs, bulletin board boxes, and monuments in station premises. We take responsibility from design to completion.	

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Sales Pitch

Our strengths
[Single-piece production]
In order to realize the customer's image, we make use of the know-how from 200,000 production results cultivated so far to make reliable proposals.

[Production by a series of steps from production design to assembly]
From the production design to completion, we have a responsible relationship and focus ourselves on solutions to customer questions.
We offer the fastest, the easiest, and the best service. Do not hesitate to consult us.

[Thin sheet processing, sheet metal working, and polish finishing]
Our company has a production system capable of providing high quality processing services and ability to respond to various types of processing.
Our strength is supported by the technical skills of each staff member with uncompromising professionalism.
We continue to produce machining that exceeds customer expectations.
	Production results
Sign and monument production
・ Roadside signs are rounded and pipe-finished, The signs successfully attract attention from cars.
・ This is a poster case to be installed on the campus of the university. A damper-type door allows the contents to be exchanged smoothly.
・ In the sign of Kappo Ryotei, the shop name was processed by laser cutting and the interior was illuminated with LEDs.
・The sign at the Tokyo Station passage is designed to support rounded glass with sheet metal.
In addition, the sign at the north aisle is laminated glass with rounded corners and very beautiful finishing.
・ The home post has a stylish appearance with hairline (HL) finishing.

Various devices made of metal
・ We have a proven track record of manufacturing okonomiyaki plates and they are used in many shops.

Manufacture of medical equipment and construction hardware
・ We have a proven track record of manufacturing medical equipment used in hospitals. They are made specially for each hospital used.
Equipment introduction
・ Punching and laser processing combined machine
・ Laser processing machine (CO2)
·Press brake
・ V line processing machine
・ YAG laser welding machine
・ Welding robot
・ Shearing
・ Band saw
・ Deburring machine

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Chugoku Head Office, SMRJ