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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:47

GopherTec K.K.

One step forward. We are proud of our development capability for leading customers.

Since we started our business, we have established a track record by receiving many orders for board computers used for industrial equipment. 
We make settings according to conditions of use required by customers, such as operation at an extremely low temperature of −40 degrees as well as durability against strong vibrations/impact and outdoor environments exposed to rain. 
Additionally, Gopher Inc., one of our group companies, has an integrated production line, including trial manufacturing and mass production.


Sales Pitch

Contracted development of board computers for industrial equipment and mechanisms; CPU boards; Field Programmable Gate Array boards; input/output boards; communication boards; housings; and so on
CAN-radio converter
You can easily monitor CAN communication using wireless technology. 
You can achieve storage of logs, replaying of logs, and bridge functions in a single machine. 
It also supports CAN-FD.
Environment-resistant wireless data collection system “RadioFrogs”
RadioFrogs is an IoT product consisting of the following three elements: 
1. Sensors
Thermal sensors, thermal/humidity sensors, acceleration sensors±16G, acceleration sensors±200G, and CO2 sensors
2. Wireless communication interfaces
You can choose BLE5.0 or LoRa as wireless technology. You can only use BLE5.0 for acceleration sensors.
3. Application software
Software operating on personal computers. 

Its three main features are as follows: 
• Focuses on environment resistance and compactness
• Batteries with long operating lives
• Enables easy data collection with included software
Intel Cyclone V SoC SE series / Compact SoM “ArmFrogs-ALICE”
It is a simple and easy-to-use Field Programmable Gate Array board powered by the Intel Cyclone V SoC SE series, whose additional functions are carefully selected. We provide many IO for external connection in order to perform various processing by utilizing the characteristics of Field Programmable Gate Arrays for industrial equipment. 

It is also suitable as an introduction to and education materials for Field Programmable Gate Arrays. You can use it as a sample of education materials for Field Programmable Gate Arrays as well as design exercises. 
We also provide a version with points for observing a power supply for Field Programmable Gate Arrays. It is used for studying a side channel attack (*) that estimates encryption keys by observing noise generated by the power supply. 

*We study measures for side channel attacks against cryptic functions (AES encryption, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and the like) of Field Programmable Gate Arrays.

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