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Joy of walking

We are the manufacturer of “Ayumi Shoes,” shoes for nursing care and rehabilitation. Using the parts ordering system, it is possible to order shoes in a more specialized manner that meets more specific symptoms.

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Features of Ayumi shoes
We ensure not only comfort in wearing and walking as well as prevention of falls but also produce delightful and fashionable shoes.

• Fairly hard counter (heel core) provides stable support.
• Wide contact area of the sole ensures stability and slip prevention.
• Heel loop and magic tapes make it easy to put the footwear on and and take it off.
• Moderate retroflexion prevents stumbling.
• The 3E size indicates loose fitting in terms of foot circumference and foot width.
 (5E, 7E, and 9E sizes are provided off-the-shelf in some models.)
Parts order system
We may find it difficult to address our customers’ concerns and inconveniences with our off-the-shelf “Ayumi Shoes” series. We created our “parts order” system to address this issue.
By adding parts to the off-the-shelf products, we provide our customers with made-to-order shoes that address our customers’ problems as much as possible.

We do not want you to think that “there are no shoes that fit me well.” Also, we do not want you to give up looking for shoes that fit you well.
With these wishes, we deliver our products to our customers.

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