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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:57

WIN Co., Ltd.

We will help you make your business more efficient with our high-quality software

We provide our customers with flexible design, development, and maintenance of software according to the kind of business they are in. Our ERP package efficiently distributes managerial resources, thereby helping increase management efficiency. The software we develop satisfies a wide range of business needs, including applications for skillful sales, skillful logistics, real estate mortgage evaluation management, and other services such as production control, accounting, and distribution. We also do business in data entry, the Web, ad planning and design, temporary staff dispatching, and other services.

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We realize high performance with high-quality software
IT solutions
[ERP package]
We will provide you with management methods and concepts designed for your whole company to control them in an integrated manner and arrange and distribute them optimally, thereby performing efficient management activities. This will help you to make effective use of production, sales, inventory, purchasing, logistics, accounting, personnel, wages, and all other managerial resources in the company (personnel, physical assets, funds, and information).
Our own package software
[Skillful sales]
This package is complete with sales management (quotation, order intake, shipping, sales, billing, collection), purchase control (order placement, shipping, purchase, payment), and inventory control (warehousing/shipping, allocation, moving, order placement point, stock taking). We help you with your management strategy and sales strategy by making use of our diverse and meticulous information analysis.
You can then customize the package to satisfy your particular needs. You can expand the system after adopting it according to the growth and changes of your company.

[Skillful logistics]
We will help you with production control of various factories, inventory reduction by process progress control, meeting deadlines, cutting transportation costs, and all processes ranging from consulting on the operational aspect to system introduction. 

[Real estate mortgage evaluation control]
We will provide you with various methods for assessment while presenting appropriate grounds for judgment and evaluation in financing operations by financial institutions. This will improve your real estate mortgage evaluation system and control real estate mortgage business with simple operations.
Information processing services
We provide comprehensive support for all processes ranging from data control to printouts, printing, and shipping. We make use of our special-purpose information processing system and equipment to punch data in, control databases, output data, ship orders, and perform marketing based on the data. We will address your issues.

[Data entry]
Our group of data entry professionals will satisfy all your needs from entering large quantities of confidential information into your mainframe computer to entering questionnaire and other data, and then tabulating the results.

[Image data entry] 
We possess an image entry system for entering data while viewing image data from image files.

We will print out various kinds of information quickly, cheaply, and neatly.

The performance of this total service is prominent in direct marketing.

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