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Latest update: 04/02/2019 11:33:24

ODA Engineering Co.,Ltd

We provide total technical consulting for molding.

We are a group of engineers who always explore the best choice for customers, as new modeling techniques are constantly emerging.


We offer proposals for an appropriate prototyping method that matches the application and functionality of a molded product while satisfying requirements for quality, turnaround time, and cost.

Some might say that there is almost no difference between mold manufacturers, but this is not correct. There is now less and less difference in machining precision even between Japan and other countries, because of technical advances in machining equipment. However, mold work does not end with manufacturing. Maintenance is essential, and mold design is closely related to the concept of molded products such as product lifetime. Molds are expensive assets, and directly affect the quality of molded products. They play the main role in the manufacturing process: they are its stars. True star molds cannot be made simply by following their design. Communication with colleagues and fulfillment of long-term needs are essential. We offer services finely tuned to each mold. These services include designing a mold structure with good usability in actual production, and planning maintenance according to the production schedule of molded products. They also include proposals for matching the total cost ranging from mold manufacturing to disposal with the product plan. We believe molds that are true stars are produced by coordinating the expectations that surround them and their potential as stars. We can respond to a broad range of applications from sundries to high-precision products. We particularly excel in manufacturing molds for parts with complex shapes that require high precision. Please refer to the basic information for our overall range of offerings. We look forward to your inquiries!

The machining process for mold parts is different from that for other machine parts. It involves corner radius and draft, as well as precision and finish, and so on. There are probably many problems that are solved through implicit understanding with the manufacturing site, although no relevant information is provided in the drawings. We have a track record of manufacturing a range of molds, so we achieve implicit understanding by offering careful and continuous support as a professional mold manufacturer. Please contact us if you have a problem in looking for a machining firm! Visit our website for details on our equipment and so on.

There are nearly 10,000 small or large mold manufacturers in Japan, but for various reasons you might not be able to receive maintenance services for your molds. These include the closure of the mold manufacturer and the loss of design data. You may have to continue production even in a case like this. We launched our mold consulting service for such situations in response to customer requests. Of course it is difficult to maintain molds when the design data is not available any more. It requires flexibility along with a broad knowledge of molds. The first thing is to understand the situation. Please contact us if you have a problem like this.