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Latest update: 04/02/2019 11:33:24

ODA Engineering Co.,Ltd

We provide total technical consulting for molding.

We are a group of engineers who always explore the best choice for customers, as new modeling techniques are constantly emerging.

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We offer proposals for optimal prototyping as a professional mold manufacturer’s second opinion
There are important steps for identifying an optimal prototyping method for a specific purpose. First it is necessary to understand the application and functionality of the molded products, and then identify the key points to verify during prototyping. We offer an appropriate prototyping method, while taking the requirements for turnaround time and cost into consideration.
It is necessary to predict the manufacturing cost and durability (maintenance cost) of a mold, especially when it is assumed it will be used for mass production. We also do our best to deal with needs like these by making use of our extensive experience in mold manufacturing.
We also offer second-opinion services. We will work with you to identify possible approaches to achieve the target turnaround time and cost, rather than conventional approaches to the process from prototyping to mass production. Please feel free to contact us.

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Various molding techniques have emerged in recent years, including 3D printers, and the range of choices for prototyping and mass production has expanded almost without limit. At the same time problems always arise regarding the best choice or what should be checked before mass production while taking into account quality, turnaround time, and price. We offer proposals for appropriate testing methods and verification points according to the application and functionality of the molded products. We make use of our knowledge of mold manufacturing and product design to offer proposals that take mass production into account. This is how we help customers gain benefits in a comprehensive range of processes from prototyping to mass production.

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