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DAINICHI Corporation

We engage in aquaculture and manufacture, export, and sell fishery products and livestock feed.

Utilizing resources from the Uwa Sea, one of the richest in terms of aquaculture, we engage in aquaculture, fishery processing and feed manufacturing. With thorough hygiene management and improved traceability, we have a system in which fresh fish are delivered from fishery production areas to large consumption areas.

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Make people happy with fish.
Aquaculture feed
Aqua feed produced by compressing the nutrition that is necessary for live bait growth into pellet shapes with approximately 40% water content. The formulation can be fine-tuned depending on the growth status of the fish and according to customer orders. Dainichi Co., Ltd. has established a system in which the moist pellets that are ordered by our customers are delivered to their respective service stations the following morning, making fresh sales possible. 
Aquaculture materials
For example, by mounting Walkway, work safety (prevention of accidents such as missteps), and improved workability (working without worrying about steps and swift movement) is ensured. Walkway can also be attached to only the areas in which customers want it. We also offer other materials (metal meshes, shading sheets, polyester bags, and floats) and a variety of related products to meet our customers’ requirements.
Frozen fresh fish business
Natural fish that are landed at nearby fishing ports are cryogenically preserved, and used as feedstuff ingredients and for external sales. Our factory was completed in October 2008, and has a 30-ton quick freezer and 700-t freezing storeroom. Securing of feedstuff ingredients is becoming a critical issue owing to skyrocketing raw material prices in recent years. We make selections for fresh fish provision.
Hygiene management system
As a producer of products that are consumed orally, we implement several layers of inspections.
Dainichi Co., Ltd. is also a seafood processing manufacturer, and we have consistently applied stringent (some would say “extremely stringent”) hygiene control measures since even before food safety became a social issue. Our processing site, which complies with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, or “HACCP,” internationally recognized principles for hygiene control and manufacturing methods, is one such example, and we aim to ensure high safety levels in terms of hygiene conditions for manufacturers and their surrounding environments. We strive with an eye on our uncompromising goal of “more safety, more security.”
Fisheries processing
Aiming for unparalleled processing speeds, we have introduced a series of many high-performance machines to cover a range of works, from pretreatment and processing to packaging and packing. With the processing capacity of the scale removers and fillet machines that we use in the pretreatment process, we can process as many as 5,000 fish everyday under normal operation.
A distribution network that extends throughout Japan and the world
Dainichi Line Corporation, our associate, has a distribution system that enables to the fresh delivery of fish directly from production sites to large markets. We deliver live fish every day to our live fish tanks in Tokyo, and live fish tanks and wells in Wakayama, thus ensuring a system that can deliver fresh fish to large markets.

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