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Latest update: 04/02/2020 08:58:00

Muroto-Kaiyo-Shinsosui Co.,Ltd

Safe, clean, and tasty salt made from 100% Muroto deep-sea water! 

Our company is devoted to sending the unique products of Muroto City throughout Japan, by making use of the marvelous properties of deep-sea water. We are committed to developing safe and secure products, and making the most of the advantages of the Muroto brand. 

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Safe and secure natural salt with no additives
We established a natural salt production method through a joint research project with the Kochi University of Technology.
Our company concentrates seawater while leaving Ca (calcium) intact, after first removing the SO4 (sulfate ion bitter component) of CaSO4 (calcium sulfate). We succeed in preserving about 90% of the Na (sodium) and 10% of various minerals. This is how we have been able to establish an original natural salt production technology. 
This product features excellent usability. Sulfate ions have been removed, so the salt resolves quickly during food processing, which makes it easy to use. It is used in ordinary households and by volume sellers, as well as by major food manufacturers for food production. This is because of its mild, good taste without a hint of bitterness. 

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Our natural salt is entirely made from 100% deep-sea water with no additives. Muroto deep-sea water is taken at a depth of 374 meters, and then supplied to our plant by pipeline. It is then concentrated with a reverse osmosis membrane without being exposed to the air, and boiled in a steam boiler. This salt production method is unique in that it extracts sulfate ion while leaving much of its minerals. We patented the method jointly with the Kochi University of Technology. This method is our company’s strength. Minerals are one of the five major nutrients, but they only come from food. Our well-balanced natural salt is a suitable source for mineral intake as it contains essential trace elements and various minerals. 

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