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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:34

Izurikonbukaisan Co., Ltd.

Introducing the value of Japanese food culture (dashi and umami) to the world through the manual processing of konbu kelp (oboro konbu)

Since its inception in 1872, our company has been patronized mainly by local customers in Sakai City, Osaka as a specialty store of konbu kelp.
We moved our factory to Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture after the Second World War and have been training oboro craftsmen since then (13 craftsmen as of now). We moved our office to Sukumo City in 2006. 
From olden times, craftsmen have been manufacturing oboro konbu together with their families. Konbu kelp retailers used to purchase products from them. Under this system, however, it is difficult to foster successors. There are now less than 10 craftsmen in Sakai City and less than 150 even in Tsuruga that is well-known for oboro konbu. Almost all craftsmen worry about successor s and aging. In Japan, there are almost no companies like us who use oboro konbu craftsmen as company employees. We mainly manufacture oboro konbu by committing ourselves to no additives, domestic Japanese kelp, and manual shaving.  

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Oboro konbu and shiraita konbu produced by craftsmanship
We are one of the few companies in Japan that manufactures shiraita konbu under thorough hygiene control (Kochi Prefecture's version of HACCP Stage 3). Shiraita konbu is essential for oboro konbu (shredded kelp) to top udon with and the key ingredient in rod-shaped sushi topped with mackerel and pressed sushi.
The manufacturing of shiraita konbu and battera konbu that cannot be manufactured by machine
We supply products stably throughout the year. We can customize sizes and standards to meet customer needs.







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