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Provide high-quality Shirasu around the world

Bringing “Shirasu”, a major resource for a village with a population of 260 in the westernmost part of Shikoku (Kawanohama), to the world market. Asahikyohan Co., Ltd. strives to deliver high quality Shirasu to domestic and international dining tables by implementing a fully integrated system that covers everything from the primary industry of fishing, to secondary industry processing, and to tertiary industry sales.

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Asahi joint sales main products
Brought to the dinner table straight from the fisherman to keep it fresh. The main product of Asahi Kyohan is “Scalded Whitebait,” which quickly boils freshly caught whitebait. Consumed at home or used as a gift, we satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers.
“Scalded Whitebait” is a product that continues to be loved.
The philosophy behind our famous “Scalded Whitebait” is as follows: Fresh products do not need anything additional to be tasty. We quickly boil freshly caught whitebait, only adding salt from Sanuki. The simplicity enhances its freshness. We deliver a tasty product focused on its fresh ingredients without any additives. You can use it by simply adding it on top of warm rice or serve it with Japanese omelet and salad. It also tastes well with pasta and pizza.
Great product nurtured by the ocean and sun of Sadamisaki Peninsula: “Fukushima-san’s Chirimen Series.”
Dried whitebait prepared by drying scalded whitebait. “Fukushima-san’s Chirimen Series” is prepared by first machine-drying the whitebait for 5 min and then drying it in the sun. It is the highest-quality product. It uses less salt compared with other products to enhance the taste of the ingredients. Please eat it daily as a healthy food. The savory chirimen, which combines whitebait with pickled plum, salmon, or pickled coleseed, is also popular. It is certified as a brand with “love” by Ehime Ai-Food Promotion Organization. It is a popular seafood product that represents Ehime.
Steamed Whitebait that surpasses other whitebait.
Raw whitebait is quickly scalded with a high-temperature steamer. With scalding, it is inevitable that some of the taste and nutrition escape into the hot water. By steaming, they are captured, and the texture also becomes softer. It has several times more amino acid, which creates umami, than scalded whitebait. You can enjoy the original quality and flavor of whitebait, as well as higher nutrition. Please try this ultimate whitebait that surpasses all other whitebait.
It won the “2015 Food Action Nippon Award.”
Fresh whitebait is always available: Para Para Whitebait
Para Para Whitebait was born to address the concerns of customers such as “I always forget to buy whitebait when I need just a little bit of it, for instance for topping” or “I want to eat whitebait as much as I want and whenever I want.” Through many improvements in the freezer technology, we succeeded in separately freezing each fresh scalded whitebait. You can use just the amount you need by defrosting it and keep the rest in the freezer. It is extremely convenient when you need just a small quantity. It will expand the possibility of your cooking.
Whitebait as gifts: “Asahi Kyohan's Gift”
We offer the proud products of Asahi Kyohan such as “Scalded Whitebait,” “Steamed Whitebait,” “Raw Whitebait,” “Chirimen Whitebait,” and “Dried Whitebait” in luxurious packaging. In addition to the set of single products, we have diverse combination options of Asahi Kyohan’s great products such as the set of scaled whitebait, steamed whitebait, and raw whitebait. Thanks to the low-temperature sterilization method, scalded and steamed whitebait lasts for approximately one month in refrigerator. This makes them even more suitable as a gift.
Crabs are an important part of Kansai’s food culture. The Kansai office of Asahi Kyohan offers crab products delivered through our integrated system focused on freshness that includes everything from procurement to processing. Please enjoy the juicy and delicate taste.
We deliver that delicious taste of fresh snow crab. Top cut technique of Japanese restaurants.
At Asahi Kyohan, we employ a strict process focused on freshness, which involves careful selection of fresh crabs, disjointing, removing the shell, and arrangement all in one go. This employs the top-cut technique used by the artisans of Japanese restaurant for cutting snow crabs. It avoids losing too much of meat juice by leaving most of the shell and traps the tastiness in. The taste of grilled crab is dependent on the quality of the crab, and the broth of hotpot made with this crab will be delicious. You can enjoy the juicy taste of this crab in many ways.
Extremely rare. Bairdi snow crab with rich sweetness. Excellent delicacy. Rare large snow crab.
There are two types of snow crabs namely opilio crab with a thinner body and bairdi crab with thicker legs. The catch of bairdi crab is smaller and it is not often commercially available. However, it has firmer fibers, and its rich sweetness and texture are particularly favored in the Kansai region. We ship this rare crab to Japan using quick freezing with our advanced freezing technology. We do not prepare and arrange the crab until the day it is delivered, using just the amount that is being delivered. Enjoy the authentic taste of crab to your satisfaction.

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