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A group of professional engineers

A general engineering and manufacturing company that deals with plastic products. We cater to the needs of customers through our wide range of manufacturing services, including the manufacture of molds for injection molding and the manufacture/assembly of injection molded parts. We also provide development support services including planning, design proposal, and model creation, as well as procure various parts and components other than moldings. We have manufacturing facilities in China, Shanghai, and Thailand, which allow us to support customers who are considering overseas expansion.

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Sales Pitch

We are there for customers to help tackle and solve their problems.
We give shape to ideas and take a comprehensive approach to creation.
We have an integrated system for taking care of the entire manufacturing cycle ranging from product planning/design, mold building, molding/decorating, to assembly.
Based in Osaka where we have our own production facilities, we can ensure efficient manufacturing processes by collaborating with subcontracting factories located in neighboring areas.
Based on the customer's budget and delivery requirements, we select an appropriate factory located inside or outside the country for mold creation.
3D printer molds
- Technology that enables plastic molding of the nested structure used for product molding, which constitutes a part of an injection mold
This technology shortens development time, reduces prototyping costs, and enables special processing, such as emboss processing and the STL 3D method.
[Number of shots: 30 to 100]
This varies depending on the product shape. Please contact us for more details.

- Customers can select the materials appropriate to the purpose of use.
The available materials include PP, PS, ABS, PMMA, and POM, which are capable of supporting various special processing techniques including deep ribbing and undercut processing (with support for a nested structure).
STL 3D method
- Give molded products feeling and texture that are more real and natural.
By applying advanced "manufacturing techniques" that utilize STL data to the field of plastic molding, we pursue technology that can provide a natural texture to molded products.
Plastics can imitate various natural and non-natural materials, including stone, tree bark, woodgrain finish, lace, knit wear, cut glass, and Japanese paper.

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