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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:48

Sansei Paint Industry Co., Ltd.

Producing and developing paints for wooden furniture/building materials, metal anti-rust paint, and electrical insulating paint

Since paint is an intermediate, in many cases it is used for purposes which are hard to be noticed by people. Accordingly, we do not stick to producing our own products. Rather, we undertake OEM or ODM production of products of various companies, while fully utilizing the know-how and technology that we have nurtured. 

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Description of business
Super Guard
This is a paint for cast-metal objects. In the past, it was a paint conforming to "JWWA-k139", a standard of the Japan Water Works Association. Although it no longer conforms to the standard due to a decrease in production volume (lots), its performance has not changed. Because of its unchanging performance and excellent use feeling, it is still popular today. 
Safety Guard AV (Anti-Virus) Flat
This paint, which is composed of a unique composition of materials to form a paint film, focuses on how thinly and uniformly it can be applied.
Applying the paint as the final coating on conventional wooden products leads to the formation of a paint film that eliminates bacteria. 
Supported by data submitted by chemical manufacturers using the paint, it is now approved to be effective for eliminating bacteria.
Temporary anti-rust gold varnish
This is an ever-popular paint as one of the anti-rust paint series. 
Essentially, steel rusts. In particular, exposed steel surfaces on which no coating is applied become rusty. 
This product was developed under the following concept: "Rust is prevented from production to shipment and delivery to the customer. Then, the customer can easily peel the paint!" 
Since yellow-colored varnish is applied to steel, the underlying steel shines like gold. It is very beautiful!
This paint has been applied to products such as stainless steel railings in stations of famous electric railway companies. Although we offer colored products, they are colored in only three primary colors, black, red, and white.
Salt Damage Buster
This is an anti-rust repairing/coating paint for automobiles used in areas where salt damage occurs such as the seaside and islands. 
We developed the product in response to requests from dealers and customers in the above areas. 

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