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Latest update: 04/02/2019 13:54:42

Edo design works inc.

We developed Beauty Soy Sauce to deliver traditional Japanese soy sauce to households around the world.

We are a unique company that developed and commercialized Beauty Soy Sauce, which is a new type of condiment with an entirely unique taste.

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Sales Pitch

Beauty Soy Sauce: a completely new condiment
Beauty Soy Sauce is an entirely new type of condiment. It is based on light soy sauce produced by an established brewer in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, and flavored with fruit juice, pure persimmon vinegar, and mineral sugar. We spent two years developing it, with the goal of delivering traditional Japanese soy sauce to households around the world.
Holding the sauce in your mouth spreads the sour taste of fruit juice and the rich taste and umami of light soy sauce. You can enjoy greatly enhanced tastes of various dishes simply by seasoning them with this sauce.
Beauty Soy Sauce is a healthy condiment that contains only around half the amount of salt in normal light soy sauce, and it is free of additives and oil. It is said that 100-year lives may become the norm, so we expect that people’s consciousness about health will further increase, and push up demand.

Other presentation

Our main products and services are fruit-flavored soy sauce (Beauty Soy Sauce), overall store design, branding, and Web graphic packages. These are our company’s strengths and selling points.

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