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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:57

Jikyo Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

Performing press working and producing LED fluorescent light bases at low cost and with high technology, to meet clients' needs  

We process precision pressed parts and design as well as produce metal molds. Our core technologies are deep drawing, thickness reduction/equalization technology, micro-precision molding technology, and paraffin coating technology. We provide leading manufacturers with more than 80 million pressed members that are used in various fields including batteries. We endeavor to reduce costs and environmental burden. From the viewpoint of clients, we develop products: For example, we develop new processing technologies and propose VE (value engineering).

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Description of business
Pressed products
We aim at achieving the world's top technological capabilities for "thickness reduction, high-precision, and micro-precision". We are good at performing deep drawing of thin plates whose thickness is up to "0.3 mm". Please entrust us with the press working of thin and small metal parts.  
-Thickness reduction, high-precision, and micro-precision
Our processing technology for deep drawing thin plates enables us to produce high-precision parts the size of which does not vary during continuous production and the tolerance of which is required to be in the order of microns.
-Deep drawing technology
We are able to perform deep drawing of thin stainless steel (SUS 304) plates that tend to easily crack. We have mass-produced cans with side walls having a thickness dispersion of up to 6 microns. We have thickness reduction technology enabled by drawing and stroking. We have been maintaining manufacturing capabilities for challenging the limit of press working which include high wrinkle suppression force, small deformation resistance, and machining oil with continuous oil films.
Mold parts
We independently develop metal molds. We aim at performing press working which rival companies cannot imitate. We endeavor to reduce costs and environmental burden.
-Technological capabilities for producing metal molds
Technologies for producing metal molds of various cases including cylindrical, coin-shaped, and square-shaped ones. 
Development of new processing technologies that meet the needs of the market.
Development of metal molds that easily enable the taking out of materials, have high endurance, and allow for easy maintenance.    
LED light bases
We provide three sizes: φ24, φ27, and φ30.

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