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General trading company that deals with manufacturing facilities related to electronics. We also propose "appropriate and suitable products" for use in the fields of "chemicals and materials".

ASAHI DENZAI. CO., LTD. is an electronics trading company that deals with rare and valuable products, which mainly include "equipment used in electronic circuit manufacturing facilities". Our business activities include the "sales, installation, and maintenance" of electronics-related equipment manufacturing facilities, the "sales, installation, and maintenance" of equipment used in PCB manufacturing facilities, sales of "materials and chemicals" used in the manufacture of the aforementioned equipment, sales of used equipment, and development of new business opportunities in environment-related and other fields. In recent years, we have been invited by many fast-growing "companies in NIES countries" and have contributed to their technological progress.

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From equipment used in electronics-related manufacturing facilities to "functional materials and functional techniques"
Maintenance, installation, sales, design, and proposal of equipment used in electronics-related manufacturing facilities
"Our expertise in sales accumulated over many years and abundance of field experience" allow us to offer the "best total support" to our customers.
We help our customers both inside and outside the country succeed in their businesses through smooth "maintenance, installation, design, and planning services". "Our own manufacturing facilities as well as the facilities of a number of subcontracting factories located both inside and outside the country" allow us to respond to various needs. Just tell us "what you need" and we will do our best to become your trusted business partner.
- We can help customers "reduce costs, manage information, and acquire the necessary know-how" through central management.
- We propose "a manufacturing process that can cater to the need of each individual customer".
- Our services range from planning, sales, to maintenance, which enable us to respond to various needs.
Sales of material handling equipment and FA (factory automation) equipment
This department was established by bringing together engineers from large material handling manufacturers.
Our originally-designed material handling "provides high performance at reduced costs" by combining "our originally-designed projects" that are based on careful consideration of factors such as performance and cost with parts and components manufactured by "a number of appropriate processors located both inside and outside the country". "Our material handling equipment and FA equipment" have also been incorporated into the manufacturing facilities developed by other companies delivered to users around the world. If you are considering implementing full or partial automation of your business operations and tasks, please talk to us.
Sales of "materials and chemicals" for circuit boards
Taking into consideration factors such as "product conformity, expiration date, delivery in batches, consumption in small amounts, spoiled goods, and legal restrictions", customers wishing to purchase consumables such as "chemicals and materials" tend to choose a "leading trading company" that has a distribution network exceling in product management.
In recent years, customers have occasionally been troubled by the unstable supply of products due to "production shutdown by chemical manufacturers" or other reasons. We can offer such customers "stable supply of products and the best value for money" by utilizing our unique purchasing routes both inside and outside the country. We encourage customers to first talk to our expert staff about the "prevention of emergency situations, material production processes, and other relevant information".
Product lineup, etc.
- Electronic circuit manufacturing facilities
- Factory automation facilities
- Other manufacturing facilities
- Consumables used in manufacturing facilities
- Web-handling-related products
- Modification/appurtenant work
- Used equipment
- Electronic circuit manufacturing materials
- Custom-made manufacturing materials
- Mail-order sales of goods used during work
- Functional materials
- Functional techniques

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