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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:42

EFLIGO Co., Ltd.

Our company values the mutually beneficial relationship derived from the technical fusion of coexistence & prosperity and our gel particle core technology.

Our company develops promising material technologies by combining the world's only gel-type merchandise, Pegrich® with various resins.
EFLIGO creates new technologies under the corporate philosophy of Eco-Friendly LIfe & GOods.

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Sales Pitch

We create products using our gel-type merchandise, Pegrich® that retains the gel particles and botanical components.
Aromatic field: We have a proven track record for placing flavor samples like shampoos and  cosmetics at drugstores. They are easy to manage because their flavors do not change over time. You can consider the use of Pegrich in the field of raw materials for cosmetics because it is very dispersive.
Antibacterial and deodorant fields: We provide mist products manufactured by emulsifying or solubilizing (without using gels) edible plant extracts. We can also manufacture silicone rubber antibacterial sheets by compounding it with gel particles. Injection-molded silicone rubber sticks to smooth vertical wall surfaces. You can use the sheets safely in industries requiring careful sanitation control, such as food, hotels, and restaurants.
Repellent fields: You can consider silicone-rubber molded products and mist and spray type emulsion products by using Pegrich where PMD,  menthol, and other ingredients of high repelling effects are blended. Since Pegrich can be dispersed to oleaginous bases, the coating type can be commercialized for outdoor use.

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