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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:59

Cyber Records inc.

Creating regional value through e-commerce 

If you have any trouble with online shop management or duties related to Japan's Hometown Tax Donation Program, leave all the decision-making to us. We are not simply a production company that provides only the service of production. Rather, we thoroughly take care of your company until your company achieves the planned sales. We provide your company with full support without charging an initial cost and a production cost.

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Service contents
Preparing for opening an online shop, and setting up the shop 
For the opening of a Rakuten, Yahoo!, or Amazon shop, we will act as your agent to follow nearly all the necessary procedures. We will act as your agent to follow all the processes including filing an application for as well as preparing for opening the shop, and designing as well as setting up the shop.
Processing received orders and supporting customers
Our staff specializing in online shopping follows all the procedures including order reception, customer care, claim management, and email magazine distribution. Therefore, you can immediately open an online shop without hiring staff. The merit of using an online shop management agency is that it requires a lower cost than hiring one staff worker.
Producing web pages and taking photos
We provide services such as designing, constructing, and maintaining renewable energy facilities and photovoltaic facilities.
We also export, import, and sell power-generation facilities and systems.
Setting up and managing your company's website
We can set up your company's website to match your online shopping website. If you already have a company website, we can renew it. When you renew your online shopping website, please entrust us with the operational management of your company's website.
Consultant for attracting customers
You will not make a profit if no customers are drawn to the online shop you have opened. Our consultant for attracting customers provides measures for increasing the number of page visits when the shop opens and gives advice for increasing the number after the opening of the shop. 
Optimizing advertising management
Advertisements required for attracting customers do not work unless appropriate ones are released. We optimize advertisements and release those that are more effective for attracting customers to increase your sales.  
Developing and producing products
We are involved in product development. We do market research and produce products that will sell well. These services are particularly satisfied by companies whose sales are sluggish. 
Providing consultation for the operation of online shopping websites 
Every month, we will have a meeting with you to give advice on matters such as measures for achieving a future sales goal based on your monthly sales and online shop conditions. 

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