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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:06


Under the slogan of "the democratization of wind tunnels", we have been developing ultra compact wind tunnel systems.

We produce and sell the "Aero Optim®" Series, a compact wind tunnel which is approximately 30 times smaller than conventional wind tunnels and the performance of which is comparable to that of the conventional ones. Furthermore, by utilizing technologies for producing compact wind tunnels, we produce and sell large-sized wind tunnels and peripheral devices for wind tunnels.

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Short-Distance Flow Stabilization Technology
World's smallest wind tunnels for bicycles
Originally, the "Aero Optim®", a compact wind tunnel, was created to develop the aerodynamics of bicycles. Accordingly, we provide not only high-performance measurement bases (balances) for bicycles, but also wind tunnels for bicycles (on which a rider can ride) that are compact enough to be installed in the corner of a room. There is already proof that the "Aero Optim®" can achieve results that are very close to those achieved by large-sized wind tunnels. Therefore, the "Aero Optim®" is used by bicycle teams participating in Tour de France, leading bicycle manufacturers, and so on.
Garage-size wind tunnel for automobiles 
The "Aero Optim×SLIM BALANCE" which debuted in Jan. 2022 is a garage-size wind tunnel system that can precisely measure the aerodynamics of real automobiles. We developed the product in collaboration with Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. and Nishiyama Corp. which have the top share in wind-tunnel balances for automobiles. The "Aero Optim×SLIM BALANCE" can produce data items, which are very close to those produced by large-sized wind tunnels, at a cost that is approximately 200 times smaller than the cost of using a large-sized wind tunnel.
High versatility
The compact wind tunnel, "Aero Optim®", is a rectangle unit the width and height of which are approximately 70 cm. Since multiple units can be freely combined with and separated from each other, not only the blasting area, but also the horizontal to vertical ratio can be freely configured. Accordingly, the "Aero Optim®" can be used in various fields such as windproof tests for drones and small-scale tests.




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