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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:55

Kyusyu Kensetsu Support Co.,Ltd.

Our services include civil engineering estimates, surveying and aerial photography by drone, architectural structure design and diagnosis, security, and support for regional comprehensive care.

We mainly provide services related to buildings such as surveying, civil engineering cost estimating, and architectural structure design and diagnosis. We also provide surveying and aerial photography by drone, security, and support for regional comprehensive care, a welfare project using vacant houses.

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Business overview
Commissioned civil engineering estimates
Increasing efficiency by outsourcing civil engineering estimates 

We propose the use of estimate outsourcing as an aggressive business tool to help increase your business efficiency and make your business more profitable.
Diagnosis and maintenance of concrete structures
Integrated work from inspection to report preparation
We use ladders, stepladders, lifters, inspection vehicles, and other equipment to assess bridge damage by close visual inspection and prepare inspection records.
i-Construction, aerial photography
3D survey with i-Construction-compatible drones (UAVs) and laser scanners, digitization by point cloud processing, preparation of 2D to 3D designs (LandXML input and output), photography of disaster areas by drone, and photography of pre-startup and as-completed projects.

Drone sales, rentals, and training; solar panel inspection, surveying, and development.

Pre-project surveying, reference point, multi-angle, level and topological surveys; route surveying for road construction and improvement plans; land surveying for public land lot acquisition, etc.

Other surveys and various types of surveying; assistance in applying for permits for land development, housing development, and other projects; assistance in applying for permits in connection with gravel and crushed stone extraction.
Other support services for government permits and approvals.
Architectural design, building diagnosis
Architectural design
Design and supervision of general housing, residential and office buildings, shops, public facilities, etc.
Remodeling, renovation, demolition, and removal
We undertake various architectural tasks.

Building diagnosis
As experts in building diagnosis and inspection, we provide inspection services for homes and various other buildings, making periodic reports for special buildings and so on, and earthquake-resistance diagnosis and inspection of buildings.
Security Department
We provide facility security services to guard against and prevent incidents such as theft at facilities. We also provide traffic guidance and crowd control services to guard against and prevent injuries and other accidents in places crowded with people or vehicles. 
Regional Comprehensive Care Department
Would you like to make use of unused and unoccupied facilities for welfare?

Our company is working to secure housing for socially vulnerable people (people who need to secure housing*) by using empty rooms and houses.

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