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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:47

Vantec Corporation

Design and Manufacture of Electronic Devices from Small Lots

Our company is a manufacturer that designs and manufactures electronic circuits and boards. We handle everything from parts procurement to surface mounting, assembly, inspection, and packaging. We can coordinate delivery times and product prices, which can be a problem with small lots.

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Electronic Circuit Design
We believe that being as cheap and easy to manufacture as possible does not compromise the quality of our products. We can also provide you with information on parts and consideration for the manufacturing process, which are major factors in determining the price.
PCB Design
Our products are frequently used in consumer electronics. We are skilled in designing single-sided, double-sided, and four-layer boards. We strive to design boards with electrical characteristics and ease of manufacture based on our knowledge of everything from in-house circuit design to manufacturing. We are confident in our delivery time and price.
Embedded Software Design
Our company develops products with Microchip Technology's PICs, and we can design a wide range of products from low-end to high-end. We can also develop using other companies' microcontrollers. In addition, we also develop application software.
Production Line
Our company has chip mounters, automatic soldering machines, and image inspection machines in-house and consistently handles everything from small lots to mass production, from parts procurement to mounting, inspection, assembly, and packaging. We offer satisfying proposals with competitive pricing, quality control, a proven track record of delivery to major companies, and our ability to meet delivery deadlines through our integrated in-house operations.

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