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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:57

Ryukyu Kokuto Co.,Ltd.

We develop new products with materials (raw sugar, brown sugar, molasses) derived from sugarcane grown in Okinawa.

We excel at developing products that meet your needs, including mass production and small-lot production.


Sales Pitch

Development of products from brown sugar that have never existed before
Development of brown sugar chocolate that is ready for dry container transportation (interior temperature 60°C to 70°C)
We have developed the industry's first confectionery that combines brown sugar with chocolate. An inspection by an outside laboratory has proven that our brown sugar chocolate is heat-resistant, and it has been exported overseas (indirect trade) by dry container transportation. There is no problem with exports overseas, or with distribution in Japan.
Development of brown sugar confectionery products with various flavors
We have developed more than 100 products to date. Among them, the biggest hit flavor was mint brown sugar. It was difficult to get people to accept it at first, but it spread by word of mouth and now it is one of Okinawa's representative sweets.
Development of new confectionery products based on brown sugar
In addition to traditional brown-sugar confections, we have also been commercializing and distributing brown sugar-based Okinawan-style doughnuts, fried dough cookies, popcorn, and other products. We are still continuing to develop confectionery products in new fields.

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