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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:44

MDI Corporation

Proposing General Waste Heat Recovery and Heat Exchange Systems for CO2 Reduction in Factories

Our company provides a wide range of services, from heat exchange calculations including waste heat recovery (exhaust gas, wastewater) that other companies cannot offer, proposals for anti-contamination measures, and special studies such as pressurized and negative pressure gas calculations, to general-purpose plate type and refrigerator directional phase change calculations. We also offer potential CO2 reduction diagnosis and thermal consulting services beyond the framework of a mere equipment manufacturer.


Sales Pitch

Heat Exchangers for Factory Environments Using Natural Energy to Prevent Heat Exhaustion
Ultra-high Efficiency Dehumidifying and Cooling Heat Exchanger Using Well Water
This is a heat exchanger for air cooling aimed at dehumidifying and cooling scorching work environments of 30°C or more without using an air conditioner. Achieving the ultra-high efficiency of air, which was previously difficult to design, enabled dehumidification and cooling of the work environment by making the air outlet temperature match the liquid temperature as much as possible, even with natural energy such as well water and seawater. Depending on the air temperature, humidity, and water temperature, dehumidification may not be possible.
Odor/Dust Removal and Oil Mist Exhaust Gas Control Measures with Combination of Gas Cooling and Electrostatic Precipitator
Odor, dust, oil mist, etc., may be generated from the process and need to be addressed as part of environmental measures. In such cases, odors and VOC components are condensed in the condensation water during gas cooling by thorough cooling and dehumidification using ultra-high efficiency gas heat exchangers. In addition, a particle collection measure can be taken by reaching a low-temperature gas temperature at which the electrostatic precipitator can operate.
Scale Control in Heat Exchangers, Chillers and Heat Pumps: Dynamic Descaler
Calcium and magnesium scales are generated inside the heat exchanger where water flows. We are the exclusive distributor for Japan and Asia for Dynamic Descaler, the latest U.S. Navy-approved (Maritime Self-Defense Force-approved) chemical solution to combat this problem. Scale deposits on heat exchangers, piping, cooling towers, chillers, water-cooled compressors/oil coolers, etc., can be circle-cleaned with a low-corrosion, quick-cleaning Dynamic Descaler that has passed the rigorous certification tests of the U.S. Navy, reducing maintenance time and increasing efficiency. Our company has an extensive track record and more than 15 years of experience in plate heat exchangers with a thickness of 0.4 mm, which are the most fragile. Please try Dynamic Descaler, a highly acidic cleaning solution that does not need to be designated as either harmful or poisonous, does not require a supervisor, is not covered by the PRTR law, and is safe to touch in case of emergency.

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