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From Bakelite to engineering plastics — alongside a history of synthetic resins —

With the rise of engineering plastics, we have led the field of precision molding. Today, we provide molded products to meet the needs of our customers in a wide range of fields, including automotive parts, communications equipment, industrial machinery, and medical equipment, using the expertise we have built up to ensure high reliability.

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Onishi Lite's Technology
Molding Technology
<<Deploying the accuracy and reliability we have developed producing mechanical components using engineering plastics to a variety of new solutions>>
Alongside the development of thermoplastic injection molding, we have been focusing on the possibilities of engineering plastics from an early stage, aiming for high-precision parts. Since then, we have been working at commercializing SK resin through a partnership between industry and academia. We have faced a number of challenges, and we are now offering the varied solutions that we have developed in doing so. 
■High-performance resin molding - a trinity of material, molds, and molding technologies
<High-performance parts that make use of a wide variety of materials, and special molded parts using techniques such as thin-wall molding>
Based on what we have learned from mechanical components, which require ensuring functionality and accuracy, we are also putting our efforts into establishing machining techniques that meet increasingly complex and sophisticated requirements. We can accommodate a wide range of needs, from relatively thick structural components to equipment enclosures, thin-walled shapes, and also ultra-small diameters (0.27 mm) and narrow pitches (0.3 mm). In addition, our main facilities support reinforcing materials such as GF and the high temperature ranges of "super engineering plastics." 
■ Insert molding
<Molding technology for integral molding of parts like plastic and metal>
In order to achieve high-efficiency production that meets the needs of our customers, we are working on "insert molding," which molds parts such as plastics and metals together. We have built two lines that operate 24 hours a day: a "hoop line" that automatically molds metal hoop materials with engineering plastics, as well as a "gear line" that inserts a core of forged metal using a robot. 
<Machining technology for precision metal products using a metal powder injection molding and sintering method>
This is a machining method for metal parts developed in the 1970s by combining powder metallurgy and injection molding. We have more than 20 years of experience in this, combining the technology introduced by Wetech and our expertise in the engineering of plastic components. Due to limitations of the process, it is mainly used for producing small parts, but we have established a mass production system that focuses on parts for relatively large industrial machinery. 
■ SK Resin
<A "super engineering plastic" with extremely high heat resistance and excellent frictional properties>
This is a special thermosetting resin material that our company became involved in working with through an industry-academia partnership with the Faculty of Engineering at a local university. We produce and supply pistons for oil-free compressors, which we commercialized by taking advantage of the following properties. 
〇 Properties
・Excellent frictional properties
・High heat resistance
・Water-resistant, chemical-resistant, oil-resistant
・Injection formability
・Precision workability
Mold technology
<<The molds that are the key to molding are designed and manufactured on our own initiative>>
■ A production system for producing high-precision molds
One of the key points in the injection molding of engineering plastics is the mold itself. How do you mold products with complex shapes and take the mold out? How do you take into account the shrinkage rate after molding, which differs for each material? The design and manufacture of molds requires unique advanced expertise. We installed machine tools such as machining centers, wire-cut electric discharge machines, and NC lathes at an early stage. By measuring prototypes using a three-dimensional measuring machine and tool microscope, we design and manufacture high-precision molds down to the micron scale. 
■ Speedy Response
We respond flexibly to the delivery deadlines requested by our customers. In designing the mold, we establish a communication environment that allows us to send and receive data by e-mail. Alongside that, we have built a CAD/CAM system that links 3D CAD and NC machine tools. In addition, at the prototype stage, we conduct trials that make full use of our skills in adjusting molds in-house. We offer quick design and manufacture of molds, tailored to meet the product drawings and requirements of our customers, that are easy to use and allow stable molding. 
■ A network with mold manufacturers
In becoming a true partner of our client companies, there is a limit to what one company alone can do. We have built a network of mutual trust with our partner companies, who possess advanced technical capabilities in pressing, die casting, plastics, and tools. In particular, for the molds that are the key to injection molding, we have succeeded in making molds for thin-walled products and ultra-narrow-diameter and ultra-narrow-pitch products that were previously impossible. This was done by combining the expertise that we have cultivated over the years with the manufacturing capabilities of our partners.
Product Quality / Environment
<<Establishing a reliable quality control system with customer satisfaction as the first priority>>
■ Early acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
As a processing supplier that our customers put their trust in, the quality of our products is where our focus lies. As such, we were the first in the industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality control. 
■ Building a strict inspection system for each process
In order to maintain high quality, we have established a strict inspection system to build in quality during each process. We have installed various cutting edge measuring devices, including a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. We fully meet the quality requirements of our customers. 
■ Developing TPM activities with all participants
With the participation of all our employees, we are also putting our efforts into "Total Productive Maintenance" (TPM),  aiming for zero disasters, zero defects, and zero failures. In 2011, we also received the TPM Challenge Award. 
■ "Visualizing" quality with a monthly quality report
Employee awareness is also important for high-quality manufacturing. We issue a monthly quality report that lists data such as the defect rate for each department. By visualizing quality in this way, we are trying to raise awareness of quality among our employees. 
■ Promoting the environmentally friendly business activities that the times require
In order to protect the global environment and coexist comfortably, all industries must engage in environmentally friendly business activities. We have also acquired Eco Action 21 certification, which is has been drawn up and promoted by the Ministry of the Environment. We have established target values for reductions in CO2 emissions, waste products and water use. As well as actively conducting initiatives to achieve these, we have put in place an environmental committee, which compiles the results of these initiatives and publishes them online.
Onishi Lite's Product Lineup
High-performance resin molding
■ Precision equipment components
Products made from various types of engineering plastic
■ Thin-walled molded products
Achieving products with walls of 0.1 mm in thickness using high-pressure/high-speed injection molding
■ Precision machine components
Linear motion components for industrial machinery
■ Core and pipe-shaped products
Long pipe products
■ Medical device components
Endoscopy equipment components, etc.
■ Insert molded components
Automotive components made using insert molding equipment (Components for EPS gears, tilt and telescopic steering gears, etc.)
■ MIM products
MIM-based products, linear motion components parts and die-cast air vent components for special applications
■ Thermoset resins (phenol, SK resin)
Automobile parts made from glass-reinforced phenolic resin  and special materials with excellent sliding properties (SK resin)

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