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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:42

Tomaseiren co.,ltd.

Experts in Surface Treatment

We are a manufacturer of electrodeposition coating and electroless plating for automotive parts, general work equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our policy is to emphasize quality, and we have a proven track record in cationic electrodeposition coating for a wide range of applications, including automotive parts.

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Resona Coat—Electroless Nickel Teflon Plating (Pb-free/PFOS compatible)
Resona Coat is our original technology that is a more advanced version of Teflon plating. It realizes a reliable fluoropolymer thin film with hardness and high base material adhesion that could not be achieved with conventional fluorine coatings. Also, Resona Coat has a proven track record in many fields.

[Features of Resona Coat]
Resona Coat does not contain any environmentally controlled substances.
It realized a reliable fluoropolymer thin film with hardness and high base material adhesion that could not be achieved with conventional fluorine coatings.
Since it is an application of electroless plating technology, the film is uniform.
The three-layer structure has different characteristics that no other company can match, making it possible to reduce pinholes drastically.
Cationic Electrodeposition Coating (lead-free, dibutyltin-free)
The material to be coated is immersed in the electrodeposited paint, with the material as the cathode (negative) and the electrode plate installed in the membrane chamber of the electrodeposition tank as the anode (positive). A direct current of 100 to 200 V is passed between the cathode and anode, and the fine particles of paint dispersed in the water are attracted to the material to be coated by the electrical force (electrophoresis), causing them to aggregate and precipitate. This is followed by a baking process to form a coating film with excellent corrosion resistance.

Cationic Electrodeposition Coating Maximum Processing Size
Maximum (approx.): 1,000 mm (length) × 400 mm (width)× 1,100 mm (height)
Weight: Up to about 20 kg 
Usually, we coat with a film thickness of 20 ㎛ ±5 ㎛.
(We also have experience with 8-12 ㎛ upon request)
Compliant with RoHS/ELV directive and REACH regulation.
Hypra Coat (highly corrosion-resistant cationic electrodeposition coating; Pb-free)
Hypra Coat is a double-layered surface treatment in which electrodeposition coating is applied on top of plating.

Conventional cationic electrodeposition coating has advantages such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low cost, uniform film, and high adhesion, but the film is soft, and scratches can cause peeling and corrosion of the base material. Hypra Coat has dramatically improved this.

In ordinary cationic electrodeposition coating, zinc phosphate film treatment is generally applied as a base pretreatment. With Hypra Coat, nickel plating is used as a base pretreatment, enabling the formation of a coating film with firm adhesion.

Main applications

Automobiles (undercarriage parts, interior parts)
General industrial equipment
Marine equipment
Home appliances (internal parts)

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