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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:20

Eishin Techno Co.,Ltd.

Floating-oil recovery devices and sludge recovery devices: Eco EiT offers effective cleanliness solutions and provides economic benefits.

We are developing three businesses: designing and manufacturing cogeneration heat exchange units for in-house power generation, designing and manufacturing various robot systems, and designing, manufacturing and sales of our own brand “Eco EiT”. Contributing to productivity improvements in the manufacturing industry by collecting floating oil and sludge.

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Sales Pitch

Cost reduction through clean coolant tanks
Our own product “Ecoit,” a floating oil cleanup device
We achieved cost reductions of more than a million yen many times by introducing floating object/oil recovery devices.
You can reduce the cost of purchasing cleaning solution and wastewater treatment.

[Characteristics of ECO EIT]
Easy maintenance
Amazing suction in comparison with other products
The direct suction results in ten-fold increase in the effectiveness.
It is air-operated and does not require electricity; therefore, it is safe and secure.
Its circulation system does not require the machine to be halted.
Robot systems
Packaging of the entire system
With this packaged product with predetermined specifications, there will be no need for new system development, and speedy installation is possible.
We deliver robots and camera with completed setups.

Each function is designed as an independent module through modular design
Various combinations of each module can accommodate diverse requirements.
In addition to the complete robot system, individual modules are also available.
Cogeneration piping unit, heat exchange unit
The cogeneration system uses fuels such as gas to operate generators with, for instance, a gas engine to generate electricity while recovering thermal energy from exhaust gas and other elements that are discarded in existing thermal power generation systems and uses it for climate control and hot water supply.
It is an efficient new system that generates two energies, namely electricity and heat, from just one source, namely gas. As it significantly reduces CO2, which causes global warming compared to the existing power generation facilities, it is receiving attention as an environment-friendly system.
The cogeneration system is used in diverse locations including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial facilities, and factories. Its demand continues to grow.

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