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We produce products for use by professional beauticians, including nail files and nippers.

We manufacture tools, such as pliers and nippers, and beauty products such as nail clippers. We have a long-established store in Sanjo City, one of the nation's leading agglomerations of metal industries, and are developing our original product brands “KEIBA”, “MARUTO” and “MARUTOLOY”.

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Sales Pitch

Our own brand that shines with strong development and design ability
The tools with high functionality are extremely beautiful and refined. KEIBA’s products strive for such functional beauty.
Starting from the collaboration with Mr. Jiro Kosugi, the pioneer of Japanese industrial design, in 1960, we have been creating products with innovative ideas with many designers.
We develop highly unique products that have earned us various patents and designs. Over the course of 30 years, we have won over 70 design awards, including the Good Design Award and IDS design competition.
Nail series
The highly advanced sharpness enables cutting of nails without much force.
Moreover, as it can enter narrow areas such as the edge of a nail, it can safely be used to cut ingrown nails and thick and fragile nails of the elderly. The nipper-type nail clipper is ideal for cutting other people’s nails, making it suitable for medical and care purposes.

Grooming series
The study of beauty originated from the necessity of nature and learns from the rules of nature. The designs are inspired by the wings of butterflies and dragonflies or the wings of birds. We changed the functional beauty of beautiful wings and elegant patterns in nature into forms.
We deliver the ultimate functionality and desire for beauty.
Marutoloy is a luxurious material we specially order from Kobe Steel, Ltd., a large steel manufacturer. It contains more carbon than common tool steel. This means it is harder, and results in excellent sharpness of the finished product.
Moreover, we own original heat-treatment equipment, which enables us to perform careful quenching and tempering (process to control the hardness of the product by applying heat). Thus, we can leverage the qualities of this strong steel.

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