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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:04


Machining technology for precise, small-diameter rubber molds

We design and manufacture rubber molds and manufacture rubber parts. We combine our complex machining centers with originally developed machining technologies and programming methods to handle the technical complexities of molds.

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We excel at fine machining.
We excel at fine machining, such as manufacturing molds with 2,500 O-rings 0.05 mm in both line diameter and inner diameter arranged at equal distances within an area measuring 1 square centimeter.

We manufacture dustproof rubber pads, rubber foot pads for home electronics, water faucet packings, waterproof packings for wristwatches, connector packings for electronics circuits, and oil sealers for vehicle engines and other machinery. We handle such familiar products as leakproof packings for soy sauce dispensers, as well as molds needed to manufacture rubber products with required precisions of the order of 0.01 mm for industrial use. 
Custom-made products from Oscar Giken Co., Ltd. We have introduced the world's only five-face, six-axis (5C-6A) machining center. 
We have introduced an integrated-structure six-axis machining center capable of handling vertical, horizontal, and simultaneous six-axis control machining all in one machine.

The combination of a longitudinal stroke of 760 mm with a lateral stroke of 1,050 mm enables perfect five-face machining and perfect simultaneous six-axis machining.

Six-axis multi-face machining
Multiple-plane machining with a face mill and an end mill

Simultaneous six-axis control machining
We offer simultaneous six-axis control machining for plates for aircraft jet engines, ship screws, and other products.

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