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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:15


New Long is a leading manufacturer of screen printing machines.

We are a manufacturer specializing in screen printing machines. We also develop transport, inspection, and drying equipment. With technologies such as OLEDs, ELs, touch panels, and solar cells, screen printing is playing an increasingly important role in the fields of electronics, the environment, and biotechnology.

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What is screen printing?
Screen printing is a type of stencil printing. 
Stencil printing is a printing method in which rather than dipping a plate in ink, the ink is rubbed on through holes in the plate itself. 

In addition to paper, this method can be used to print on glass, plastic, synthetic resin, metal, cloth, and almost any other material, so it is often used when there is a need to print on something other than paper. Additionally, one of its major characteristics is that it can print not only on flat planes, but also on cylindrical and conical surfaces like bottles and cups, and even on curved surfaces. 

Screen printing, which enables printing with precision, is not just about printing patterns. 
Not only is it used for printing circuit boards for electronic products and the LCDs in personal computers and mobile phones, but it has also been applied in state of the art technology. For example, the thin wall-mounted large-screen televisions (plasma display panels) that are popular today, as well as the fuel cells that are the most promising for green energy, also use screen printing.
Product Description
・High-speed, high-precision screen printing machine
・High-precision curved surface screen printing machine
・Vacuum printing machine
・Rotary screen printing machine
・Tabletop type
・Thick film IC, green sheet, electronic component compatible
・Glass substrate, FPC, wafer compatible
・PCB, FPC, glass compatible
・Large FPD compatible
・Nameplate, acrylic, glass, molded products compatible
・Printing-related equipment (squeegee polishing, plate frames, squeegee rubber, squeegee balance measuring devices)

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