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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:55

MORI Institute for Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

[Awarded the Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award ] 
We are a venture company that conducts R&D regarding mud generated at construction sites, and we manufacture and distribute the products we have developed.

Through joint research with Tohoku University, we develop technologies for solidification and so on with regard to mud generated at construction sites. We are developing a business to provide this technology to construction companies nationwide.

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Sales Pitch

MT series high-water-content mud improvement products
With this product, you can carry mud out of construction sites right after it is collected.
Our mud improvement products solidify mud from construction sites instantaneously with about 15 minutes of improvement, which enables immediate removal with a dump truck. We have received many inquiries from construction companies having a hard time with mud removal. This includes companies wanting to remove mud sediments from ports, rivers, ponds, and other sites, as well as transporting mud from cast-in-place piles. We have also heard from companies who want to make it possible to use a dump truck to transport mud that is currently can only be removed with a vacuum truck.

Mud is instantly solidified, and can be immediately transported with a dump truck
Applicable to all kinds of muddy soil, such as cement-containing mud and seawater mud
A safe product that is neutral and meets soil environmental standards
Mud can be removed after adding only about 1 to 8 kg per cubic meter
Enables construction with just a backhoe and pit
Dust emissions are prevented, so it can be used on windy worksites
Registered as a NETIS product by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

[Applicable soil types]
Dredged soil from river and port works
Cement-containing mud from ground enhancement works
Sedimented mud from ponds
Excess muddy water from shield and propulsion works
Soil from heavy rain disasters
Various types of construction sludge, etc.




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