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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:07

Yamato Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Do you have any concerns about precision machinery components, metal processing, plastic resin molding, mold building, etc.? By using the experience, track record, and know-how that we have accumulated over 40 years, we can provide technology and ideas that will satisfy customers, on matters including mold shapes, resin material selection, and cost reduction.
Since the foundation of our company, we have had unique expertise thanks to the accumulation of technologies related to metal and plastic resin. For example, we have know-how about building molds to be used for the molding of precision machinery components (which includes the processing of engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, as well as metals, and fitting of plastic with metal). 
We accept orders for short period production, small-lot productions, and trial productions of only one product.
If you are concerned about matters such as the durability, weight, or cost of a plastic product or the shape of a mold, we can cooperate with your company for processes starting from the design stage. We can provide technology and ideas that will satisfy your company.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have two divisions to manufacture and sell all kinds of precision machinery parts. Our synthetic resin division processes various plastics by cutting, fusing, and bending, and applies coating and chemical plating to the products. This division designs and produces molds and manufactures products by injection molding and direct-pressure molding. They also create industrial designs and experimental mechanisms. Their work includes molding, coating, and industrial rubber product manufacturing. Our metal division manufactures precision screws and studs, all kinds of metal turning products, and wrought copper products. They manufacture aluminum, stainless steel, and iron products by milling and lathing. Their work includes electrolytic polishing, aluminum anodization, chemical metal plating, phosphate treatment, transfer pressing, special drawing, and general pressing.

[Business description]
We have been accumulating technologies for metals and plastic resins since our establishment, and our expertise based on these technologies is our greatest strength. We handle both metals and resins, so we can engage metal and plastic parts together. This one-stop order processing is also one of our unrivaled features. We can get involved from the design stage. We are experienced in manufacturing parts for automotive, business computer, medical, cash register, signaling, and vehicle applications. Our company also has a track record in manufacturing automation parts for making socks, machine parts such as gears and cams, and resin and metal screws.

Precision machinery manufacturing; medical device and instrument manufacturing

[Representative's message]
The Japanese economy achieved tremendous growth after World War II. Domestic Japanese manufacturing industries have experienced many changes in the last 40 years. This was the context in which our company acquired its Monozukuri craftsmanship spirit, knowledge, and know-how due to our continuous efforts to improve our technologies to satisfy customer needs. We hope to contribute to the development of overseas companies by making use of the unique technologies, know-how, and planning power that demonstrate our experience. We look forward to opportunities to meet new customer companies through J-GoodTech.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will continue to stick to our first philosophy of customer satisfaction, and employ young people to cultivate markets while conducting employee education. We train staff by holding weekly English conversation lessons and conducting an IT study group three times a week. They last for a few hours each time. We conduct a three-hour study group on resins once a month and a two-hour study group on molding and molds twice a month. This is done with the cooperation of subcontractors. We also conduct overseas training once a year. Our computer division is ready to quickly respond to inquiries by email.


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