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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:11

Yamada Industry Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Insulators for motors, insulation for lithium batteries, and other products
We can perform all processes, from material procurement to production, as well as delivery.
We have so far processed various materials including Bakelite, polyester film, and insulating paper. Furthermore, in our company, we can develop, design, and produce molds used for production. This allows us to deliver products in a short period and at low cost.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company manufactures and offers press working services for insulation parts. We have processed a wide variety of materials including phenolic laminate (Bakelite), film, insulating paper, and rubber. We particularly excel at processing glass-based phenolic laminate (Bakelite), which has excellent strength and heat resistance. We handle many special, difficult-to-process materials, so we make dies for press working in-house. We can offer a wide range of services including recommending optimal materials for your needs, die design and development, quick delivery, and cost reduction.

[Business description]
Many of the materials we handle have irregular shapes, so productivity would be lower if we processed them with common manufacturing methods. We have realized automatic processing through our original know-how combining the latest precision press equipment with high-speed rotation and dedicated automatic conveyance equipment. We also maintain high quality standards for this automatic operation by installing position sensors and cameras on our die and conveyance equipment. 


[Representative's message]
Automobile and electric motor technologies are rapidly evolving with the shift from gasoline to HV and EV, and this requires high-capacity batteries and motors with higher loads. However, such technological advances increase the risk of fires and explosions, so products need to have better insulation performance and heat resistance. Every time we hear a news story about a product fire or explosion of a product we feel that our company’s mission is to supply insulation parts to protect users. We will actively offer our technology through J-GoodTech to make products safer. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company will reinforce its sales activities to cultivate sales channels in our current markets and also in new fields, including overseas. We identify particular needs for our auto part products China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, so we intend to expand with the help of trading companies such as Toyota Tsusho. Cultivating markets is currently conducted by other representatives, but we will set up a sales promotion office in the near future. We will restructure our current organization so we can quickly capture customer needs. 


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