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Latest update: 29/05/2018 02:07:32

Minamide Sokuryou Sekkei Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company engages in surveying and planning of topography, distances, and other features of a plot of land, based on the Survey Act. We offer services mostly in Gifu Prefecture, to both public and private construction work. Our company constantly upgrades with the latest equipment to refine our surveying technologies, and we are actively working on i-Construction, which is a new standard adopted by the government. 

[Business description]
We have established our originality by actively adopting new methods such as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), which was recently recognized by the government as a regular public surveying method. Our customers favor our highly accurate surveying, which is a result of the advanced surveying know-how we have gained in 30 years of operations since our establishment. This 30-year track record since our establishment has earned a great deal of customer trust. We keep up with the latest trends in surveying technology by exchanging information with major partner companies and survey instrument manufacturers, and we subscribe to the industry paper (Kentsu Shimbun). 

Service industry

[Representative's message]
We pursue employee happiness under a philosophy of improvement, cooperation, and sincerity, and we hope to become a company that contributes to our customers and to the local community. We intend to work together as a team to satisfy diversifying customer needs through sincerity and commitment. We are grateful for the continuing patronage and support of our customers. We intend to actively propose solutions to requests shown on J-GoodTech’s “Information Board.” Our goal is to cultivate new markets with customers, including less-frequent areas. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will actively comply with the new i-Construction national standard, and provide the latest surveying and planning technologies to customers. (We are planning capital investments on drones equipped with metric cameras, 3D laser metric cameras, and so on.)  We will apply the latest survey instruments to offer multi-purpose drone services for uses other than surveying and planning, as well as 3D data services for aerial image data. We will actively secure human resources in pursuit of these goals. 

Surveyor registration (No. 5-18070)
Compensation Consultant (No. Ho-25-2349, land survey/realty category)
Construction Consultant (No. Ken-28-8711, road category)
Land and House Investigator (Gifu Prefecture, No. 1146)