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Latest update: 24/04/2020 12:14:27

Chuou Electric Works Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Smart Edge GS-HB6040N, Desktop Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment
Purpose: Measuring the size of work products with a two-dimensional shape (such as film).
Processes in which the equipment is used: 100% or sampling inspection and product development.
The feature of our equipment is that it is measuring equipment based on diagnostic imaging for which cameras are used. The equipment creates a program for measuring the target work, and then automatically measures the work product using the program.   
[Sales point 1]
The desktop equipment can measure a work product with a size up to 580 mm x 400 mm (A3 size)!
We often hear that our rival products can measure only work products of a limited size, that it requires the user to change the direction of the work product, and that they are not user-friendly. Our equipment can measure a work product of A3 size and can be placed on a desk, taking up less space.
[Sales point 2]
Intuitive operability allows the user to easily create a measurement program and perform automatic measurement!
We often hear that only certain people can use our rival products or that users of our rival products are bothered by complicated operations. Our equipment can easily be operated by women or people who have not used equipment, etc. When the equipment is delivered to your company, our staff will give instructions on how to use it. Therefore, it is safe for use. 
{Sales point 3]
Inspection efficiency is improved at low cost!
The equipment is lower in cost than our rival products and improves efficiency through automatization of inspection. We surely perform  simulations of inspection efficiency improvement from the conventional inspection methods and of the reduction of the time conventionally required.
Smart Edge GS2-HLS6560, High-Precision Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment
Purpose: Measuring the size of work products with a two-dimensional shape (such as film).
Processes in which the equipment is used: 100% or sampling inspection and product development.
This equipment is a high-precision version of GS-HB6040N, desktop auto dimension measuring equipment, and can perform quicker as well as highly accurate measurements. The basic operation methods are similar to those of GS-HB6040N, desktop auto dimension measuring equipment. The measurement range is 650 mm x 600 mm. 
[Sales point 1]
(1) Ultra-high moving speed!
An incorporated linear motor enables high-speed measurements at up to 1,000 ㎜/sec.
[Sales point 2]
High-speed and high-precision!
Thanks to the adoption of a 1/1.8 CCD (two million pixels) and a high-resolution telecentric lens, the equipment can take fine and advanced images.  

Checkup for preventing aging
[Summary of the service]
Similar to humans, equipment needs a periodic checkup. Especially, we inspect aging equipment (including substrates and software) related to a test, measurement, or control system and provide consulting about the equipment.
[Service receivers]
Staff responsible for equipment or quality assurance
[Service flow]
Inquiry -> visiting and hearing -> contract completion -> visit and inspection by an engineer -> studying the replacement of the equipment or actually replacing it based on the inspection results and a consultation. *Note that the  checkup for preventing aging contains only the processes from the above inquiry to the inspection. 

Is your company concerned about any of the following issues?
●Design documents being lost.
●There is no one who understands the equipment in question.
●It is difficult to produce the equipment internally, and your company does not know anybody to outsource this to.
●The company that produced the equipment is no longer producing it.
●The measuring equipment in use is no longer produced, and your company doesn't know which equipment should replace it.
We have received and met various requirements from customers in various industries. By using the know-how obtained through this experience, we can solve your problems. Even if documents have been lost, we will check the equipment and can make proposals or produce alternative equipment.
We not only inspect equipment, but also provide support after this! Through equipment renewal, we will contribute to the improvement of your company's future productivity and operating rates.
<Examples of our services>
-The production of the XX inspection device has been discontinued. Therefore, we will replace the above device with equipment which has functionality similar to that of the device or the desired functions.
-We upgrade software when our customers update their PCs.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company develops, designs, and manufactures customized hardware and software for testing, measurement, and control systems that are indispensable for various industries. We are a partner manufacturer of the US National Instruments Corporation. We solve customer issues as a professional in the graphical development environment LabVIEW, which we provide. We are currently expanding the scope of our activities from Japan to Southeast Asia, and mainly Thailand.

Electric machine and device manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our company will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2030. We aim to be a company capable of thinking from the customer’s perspective and pleasing all related parties, including our staff. We hope to develop a measuring system with the world's top share and actively advance into the world. We are focusing on measuring system sales activities in the ASEAN and Mekong regions, and mainly in Thailand. We concluded an agreement with a Vietnamese software company for technical cooperation last year. We established an office in Bangkok, Thailand to strengthen our support system. Thai staff now work at our head office. We will also contribute to medical treatment and other fields by acquiring measurement data, and also by making proposals based on data accumulated using AI technology. We will showcase our customized products through J-GoodTech to be of assistance to companies having similar needs.

[Awards and media coverage]
Kansai Front Runner Grand Prize (2008); Osaka City Brilliant Company Award (2013); Eco Action 21 certification and memorial commendation for 10-year continuous registration (2015); Diversity Management Selection 100 (2016); 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2017); 2000 Driving Companies for the Regional Future (2017); The Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays to our chairman, Yoshio Hatano, for contributions to industry promotion, at the 2017 Autumn Decorations.

ISO 9001
Eco Action 21
Osaka Prefecture Business Operator Declaring Men and Women Vivid and Vibrant
Osaka City Leading Company of Women's Empowerment

[Intellectual property]
Current sensor and current measuring circuit (Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-016577); integrated circuit inspection device (patent pending, Japanese Patent Application No. 2017-199818).

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